Lime Green BMW i8

March 06, 2015

Lime Green BMW i8

Getting the new BMW i8 in Florida is an exciting thing. This hybrid is built to please, ready to rev up like the best of them and go, go, go! There are so many great aspects about it the demand is higher than even BMW anticipated. They’re doing some very serious considering over boosting production in order to get everyone their vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get on the list so that once one is out, it’s yours. If you’re looking for a used BMW i8, you have a while to wait.

The interesting thing is that each i8 is only available in white, blue, silver, or gray. Yet that hasn’t stopped one Abu Dhabi dealership. They’ve given a few of their i8 cars a bit of a touch-up so that they stand out even more than usual. They’ve now showcased a lime green BMW i8 at their dealership, leading to a lot of awed customers and people scrambling to get an i8 in impressive colors. Yet this isn’t a specialty car that BMW’s made for the dealership – in fact, it’s an expertly done wrap in order to transform the i8 from whatever color it may have been into a lime green one. No actual painting or repainting required!

But that’s an excellent thing to note. This means that even if BMW i8 colors don’t work for you, you can always head off to a custom shop and request a wrap in the colors of your choice. Love Abu Dhabi’s lime green wrap? Get one just like it! Or get the other colors that the Abu Dhabi dealership has done – yellow and red.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to find something that suits you perfectly after you get your BMW i8 in Florida. It’s all about making it yours!

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