Incredible BMW X Series Specials in South Florida

August 15, 2015
Braman BMW dealership X1 special offer in Jupiter FL - August

The BMW X Series is well worth the look. If you’ve ever considered a BMW, yet still needed the utility power of an SUV, then the X Series is the perfect blend of sophisticated BMW style and satisfying strength. The BMW X Series Specials that Braman brings can give you the chance you’ve been looking for to finally put a BMW X Series vehicle in your garage.

Summer savings are still here in time for you to make the most of your money and your dreams of owning a BMW. Lease a 2015 BMW X1 and put absolutely nothing down and pay only $379 per month. Looking for an even lower monthly payment? Then put down $3,550 and only pay $299 per month. Enjoy the X1 for 36 months before returning to Braman to decide what BMW you want next. Remember, you can always come in to take advantage of Braman BMW service as well, ensuring your X1 is always in pristine condition.

The BMW X5 is a powerful vehicle that won’t let you down, all while saving you money and giving you the chance to drive a brand new 2015 for 36 months. You have the choice to put down $5,985 and only pay $659 per month, or you can opt to put $0 down and pay just $759 per month. No matter what, you save, become a member of Club Braman, and enjoy a brand new community of BMW and luxury car owners with access to Braman BMW service for the best in assistance and knowledge.

Move quickly on these offers before the summer ends. Schedule a VIP appointment, or if you have questions, you can always chat with a representative online first. No matter what, at Braman you’ll feel at home and you’ll go home happy thanks to their BMW X Series specials.

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