In Love with the BMW X Series SUVs at Braman BMW – Jupiter?

July 07, 2015
2015 BMW X5 Special Offer in Jupiter, Florida

Meet BMWs SUVs. Power swathed in beauty, the BMW X Series of SUVs is something special. They’ve got the kind of power people who have hoped BMW would make an SUV are looking for, all while maintaining the noted style and vision of the BMW brand. If you’re looking for a new BMW X6 for sale, now is the perfect time to head to Braman BMW and discover the possibilities and the deals available.

The 2015 BMW X6 is in its second generation and with a beautiful, slightly muscled look, it catches eyes along the road without even trying. It’s easy to appreciate what BMW has done with this particular SUV design, but the appreciation doesn’t stop there. It continues on to the interior with its supple, hand-worked leather and smart technology. Feeling the wheel under your hands, you can test drive any new BMW X6 for sale and find out just how eager this car is to take on the road. That excitement will quickly travel to you, and the desire to drive this car all over the map can take hold in no time.

Choose from V6 or V8 engines – all of it depending upon which model of X6 you’re hoping for. Go from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, powerful grip comes from the all-wheel drive system, and never once worry about weather. All the while the X6 takes on the road, you’ll be comfortable on the inside, spacious and with climate control right at your fingertips. The BMW X Series is not one to be trifled with; in fact, with a single push of the button you can go from chill BMW SUV to a roaring racecar to speed down the road like there is no tomorrow.

Speak to the representatives at Braman BMW and find out just which X6 is right for you, or take a look at the whole BMW X Series and make your final choices from there.

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