High End Luxury: The BMW 7 Series

December 19, 2014

BMW 7 Series

Sometimes the term “luxury” gets thrown around so often it can be practically meaningless. With every automotive manufacturer looking to break into the luxury market, sometimes the term becomes watered down. So it is nice to see when a luxury brand like BMW steps up and leads the way to define what true luxury is all about. For evidence, look toward the new BMW 7 Series to see what defines real craftsmanship. That series demonstrates some key factors that truly demonstrate what real luxury is all about.

Traditional Handcraftsmanship

Any luxury brand will tell you that the difference between run-of-the-mill and luxury is in the craftsmanship. Whether it is in the materials or the manufacturing, craftsmanship makes all the difference. One owner of the BMW 7-Series customized his vehicle with trimming, grille, exhaust tips, and badging fashioned out of solid silver by the bespoke German house of ROBBE & BERKING. The enamel was hand-applied.

Other standard luxury features include Merino leather seats, a custom Bang & Olufsen audio system, rear seat entertainment, night vision camera and display, and other customized features and packaging to make this vehicle your own. More than just looks, the 760Li model offers 535 horsepower and the ability to jump from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 4.3 seconds. This car drives even better than it looks.

If you are wondering how expensive this BMW is, you should know that a simple spoon from ROBBE & BERKING will cost you around $300. The 7 Series contains 22 pounds of silver. Purchasing a 7 Series gives you the opportunity to customize your own high end BMW to your liking. Personal customization, quality detailing, and handmade craftsmanship are what make this vehicle not only the most expensive, high end BMW – but the leader in what true luxury looks like.

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