Happier Holidays with BMW Gifts

December 14, 2014

Gifts for the BMW Enthusiast in Your Life

Still looking for that little something to make your loved ones’ holiday complete? Of course you are. We all are! This time of year can be stressful as we search for the perfect present, the great stocking stuffer or the office party exchange gift. We want to be original, but we also want to be on point. Now is the best time to check out your BMW online store for some fascinating and fabulous gifts. Need incentive? Here are a few of our favorite things this season.

Give the Gift of Well-beingBMW_Natural_Fragrance_Kit

We associate many positive experiences with scent. Think of how many people love that new car smell and associate it with happiness and success! You can give this gift this year by purchasing the BMW Natural Air collection of interior scents. With a high quality carrier that blends into the aesthetics of a BMW, there are two new scents to choose from: Vitalizing Woods, and Harmonizing Flowers and Sparkling Raindrops. These join other tried and true favorites to create a lovely aromatic experience every time you enter the car.

Give an Aesthetic Experience

But why stop there? You can also purchase a retrofit hi-fi system from ALPINE Electronics for a stunning audio experience. Specifically developed for BMW, this system uses state-of-the-art speakers and amplifiers to ensure everyone has an incredible audio experience – even those in the back!

BMW_kids_toyGive the Gift of Safety

We all want our loved ones to be safe. So why not give the BMW Heads-Up Display? Used in virtually all BMW vehicles, installation is quick and the screen is very easy to read – even in direct sunlight!

With so many things to choose from, your online BMW accessories store will ensure you pick just the perfect gift for your friends and family this season. Sit back, start clicking, and let BMW play the part of Santa Claus this year!

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