Why Drive Certified? The Answers You Need Now

November 20, 2014

Sometimes a new car just isn’t in the budget. When customers are looking for alternatives to new cars, they often turn to certified dealers. There are several good reasons for this, but this is particularly true if you want to purchase a luxury vehicle. Why buy certified luxury cars in South Florida? Read on for some important answers.

Certified Means Peace of Mind

With a certified vehicle, you can be sure that the vehicle has been inspected, repaired, and warrantied for certain issues that would cost you hundreds of dollars if you had to find and repair those issues on your own. These vehicles typically represent your “best deal.” The inspection, for example, covers more points of reference. This means more issues are being checked and replaced, if needed, than a typical on-your-own vehicle inspection would consider. You also avoid the 20 – 40 percent depreciation costs a new vehicle automatically incurs in the first couple of years of ownership.

You Get the Same Dealership Treatment

This means that as a client, you are treated the same way that a new car buyer is treated. If the vehicle needs repairs, the dealership will cover what is under warranty, just like a new car. This also means quality control for you, as the dealership is incredibly invested in making sure its reputation for its vehicles is upheld.

Further, if you shop for a certified luxury car from BMW Jupiter, Florida, you are actually entitled to the same benefits under BMW’s Happier Holiday Event as new car buyers are receiving. This means you can test-drive the vehicle from your home or office for your convenience. If you choose the vehicle, then you will also enjoy $0 maintenance within the first 4 years or 50,000 miles. What an exceptional offer! There has never been a better time to check out your certified luxury cars South Florida dealer.

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