Could You Sport A 2016 BMW i8?

May 11, 2016

2016 BMW i8 | Braman BMW Jupiter

Have you ever watched a film set in the future and found yourself keeping a close eye on the amazing car that the main character is driving? Have you wondered which company crafted that vehicle? And have you thought to yourself how amazing it would be if the future could hurry up and get here so you could drive it?

Guess what? With the  2016 BMW i8, the future is here.

BMW Jupiter is excited to offer the BMW i8 to you, a truly stunning car that has everything you could want when it comes to keeping the environment safe all while providing you with a palpable taste of the future right here and now. A single look at the 2016 BMW i8 is sure to get the adrenaline going in your veins as you imagine being behind the wheel. After all, BMW has figured out how to create an amazing electric car without compromising luxury or classic BMW power.

The slick look, ability to go from 0-­60 in 4.2 seconds, and with eDrive technology, you get the exciting combination of an all-­electric motor and the power of a TwinPower Turbo engine.  Efficient in its design, from exterior to the interior, you’ll be toying with all its gadgets, gawking at the engine, and touching the seats, wheels, and more for hours. BMW Jupiter is happy to show off the i8 – as well as provide you with a test drive. And with such possibilities, how can you say no?

It won’t take you long to discover just how much you love the 2016 BMW i8. They’ve been working on this concept for some time, and to see it finally come to fruition makes for some thrilling times. So stop wishing you were in a future car in the movies, because now you can own one for yourself.

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