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  • BMW M135i | BMW 1 Series | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida
    Many automakers, particularly high-end brands, are notoriously secretive about their new designs. BMW is no different, and it has tried to keep the newest iteration in its BMW 1 Series, the BMW M135i, under wraps. A few details and photos, though, have managed to escape. Let’s take a sneak peek at this beautiful new addition
  • What Does xDrive Mean in BMW | BMW xDrive Explained | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL
    BMWs are aggressive cars, and BMW engineers can be a little aggressive when they name their babies. Confused by strings of letters and numbers? Well, we’ll clear up one mystery: what does xDrive mean in BMW? BMW xDrive Explained xDrive is the next technological step beyond the all wheel drive system. It advances how all-wheel
  • BMW products are well known for their quality and performance.  But BMW is also known for being a leader in the automotive industry for design, technology, and other critical features such as safety.  One of the best safety features available today is the BMW xDrive.  Here are some important reasons why you need to consider