BMW xDrive System: A Step Ahead in Safety

February 27, 2015

BMW xDrive logo

BMW products are well known for their quality and performance.  But BMW is also known for being a leader in the automotive industry for design, technology, and other critical features such as safety.  One of the best safety features available today is the BMW xDrive.  Here are some important reasons why you need to consider this technology.

In our area, you may think we don’t need a four-wheel drive vehicle, and that is generally true most of the time.  But it is important to remember that safety features are there to be used when you need them, and you should not select features just because you “probably won’t” use them.  After all, nobody uses the air bag until you have to, but aren’t you glad it’s there at that time!  The same is true for safety features like the xDrive – have it as an important tool at the ready, regardless of how often you need it.

All four-wheel drive systems are not the same.  When it comes to performance, you want to know that your car can handle basically anything it encounters, and this is where the xDrive system comes into play.  The modern system features Dynamic Performance Control that is designed to regulate traction and help correct for understeering.  It detects loss of traction so quickly that its reaction time is less than 0.1 seconds – that is better than the human capability to correct for loss of traction.

If you haven’t test-driven a BMW lately, maybe it is time you found out what you’re missing.  The xDrive, and many other quality features, are only a visit away.  It has been included on many of BMW’s lineup of vehicles as the years have passed, so you can take advantage of this feature in a vehicle that also meets your needs for performance and personal style.

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