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    At 2019’s Coachella Festival, celebrities were spirited around in a fleet of gorgeous, custom BMW i8 models. The i8 is sleek and sexy in its own right, but these were even more special: they were created in collaboration with R&B superstar Khalid. The whimsical, adventurous, fresh i8s are the latest in a long history of
  • What do we love most about the BMW i8? The fast, sleek, futuristic electric sports car exceeds all expectations of design and performance. Design Its design makes the i8 stand out above most other cars. With curved wing doors that open upward, all eyes will turn to you the moment you step out. The gracefully accentuated
  • If you’ve been looking for a way to help the environment, your chance to get a jump on one has just arrived. The new BMW i3 and i8 electric cars are here at BMW Jupiter, finally allowing you the ability to drive around town with little to no emissions whatsoever. The new BMW i3 and
  • If there’s one thing that BMW loves to play with, it’s new, innovative ideas. If you’ve been looking for a BMW i8 for sale or a BMW i3 for sale, now might be the perfect time to pick one of them up as BMW has recently released a smartphone app that pairs up with the
  • The new BMW i8 is a stunning car all around. But while you can obtain many BMWs in various colors, one of the things that potential buyers may find interesting – and perhaps even a little confusing – is the fact that BMW has chosen to limit the i8 when it comes to the color