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BMW Art Cars | BMW i8 | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

BMW Art Cars: A History

At 2019’s Coachella Festival, celebrities were spirited around in a fleet of gorgeous, custom BMW i8 models. The i8 is sleek and sexy in its own right, but these were even more special: they were created in collaboration with R&B superstar Khalid. The whimsical, adventurous, fresh i8s are the latest in a long history of BMW art cars.

In 1975, BMW invited artist Alexander Calder, best known for his abstract mobiles, to collaborate on the exterior design of a 3.0 CSL that was running the Le Mans 24. The car didn’t finish the grueling race, but it did start the tradition of BMW art cars.

The iconic brand went on to work with the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Ernst Fuchs, Esther Mahlangu, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons, and Cao Fei. Giants in the art world, they helped create works of art that are moving on all levels! While scores of major artists approach BMW about the opportunity to create using a highly-engineered canvas, BMW tasks an independent jury of international museum directors to choose who receives the honor.

The brand’s cultural ambassador Thomas Girst says, “We do not consider ourselves sponsors, which would imply a mere transaction of budget from A to B. We consider ourselves partners; our long-term commitment is important. This is a true interaction! And do keep in mind, in pre-Socratic times you had one word for artistic achievements and those in engineering: (I)techné(I). We’ve just come full circle with the Art Car series.”

While Khalid was the first musical artist tapped by BMW for this prestigious partnership, his entry into the art car hall of fame stands with its peers as a fresh take on the interaction of art and engineering.

You can argue that every BMW is a work of art in itself! We couldn’t agree more.

Everything You Need to Know About the BMW i8

BMW i8 | Braman BMW Jupiter

What do we love most about the BMW i8? The fast, sleek, futuristic electric sports car exceeds all expectations of design and performance.


Its design makes the i8 stand out above most other cars. With curved wing doors that open upward, all eyes will turn to you the moment you step out. The gracefully accentuated top suggests wind rushing by even when the vehicle is standing still. This guides your eye up and over the car’s design until your vision comes to rest on its taillights – where lines are created and meet in intriguing patterns. This is a car made for the spotlight.


The sport button takes the BMW i8 to a whole new level, with blazing acceleration that equals any gas-powered equivalent. With combined electric and gas driving, its 357 hp will get you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds. It’s top speed is 156 mph. Moreover, the i8 boasts BMW’s famous ability to hold roads, whether taking tight turns at speed or just staying safe when driving through fierce wind and rain.

Additional safety

This is the first car in the U.S. to use laser headlights. No, you won’t fry or blind other drivers. Instead, lasers agitate phosphorous in the headlights to create a stronger light that’s still safe for oncoming traffic. They automatically activate above 43 mph. It’ll light up the road more than ever before. This BMW will also brake from 70 mph to a complete stop in just 163 ft.


The EPA estimate for the i8’s gasoline and electric combined driving is 76 MPGe. At sustained 75 mph highway driving, Car and Driver estimates is still gets 38 MPGe. It has a highway range of 420 miles.

The BMW i8 is a hybrid electric that breaks the mold. It stands out, it performs, it’s safe, and it’s efficient. It isn’t just good or capable in these categories. It’s outstanding.. A South Florida BMW dealer can help you test drive the i8 and see what it has to offer.

New BMW i3 and i8 Electric Cars For Sale in Jupiter, FL

If you’ve been looking for a way to help the environment, your chance to get a jump on one has just arrived.

2015 BMW i3 | Braman BMW Jupiter

The new BMW i3 and i8 electric cars are here at BMW Jupiter, finally allowing you the ability to drive around town with little to no emissions whatsoever. The new BMW i3 and i8 allow you to run entirely on electricity, utilizing various charging stations around the city in order to recharge your battery and continue driving. The i3 is all electric for complete and utter emissions-free driving. The i8 gives you a little more room if you need it, acting as a hybrid so you can utilize the small gas tank for extra miles when you need them.

The cars are both sleek and fun, with an almost futuristic look to them. The aluminum chassis and body structure are crafted from carbon-reinforced plastic; this is the stuff used for Formula One cars and stealth fighters. So maybe it isn’t too far off to say these are the cars of the future!

The cooling system inside the car ensures that the battery remains at an ideal operating temperature. This means improved performance for the car, as well as a longer life for the battery itself. Both cars are quite exciting, with the i3 acting as the urban commuter vehicle and the i8 as the sexy sports car. BMW Jupiter has them both, and they’re waiting for you to come and see which electric car is more your style.

Check out the new BMW i3 and i8 for yourself. Examine every inch of these stunning cars, discover the internal systems, take a peek at the inner workings, and talk with the experts at BMW Jupiter to discover much more. A test drive is definitely a must so you can find out just what it’s like to drive a car that runs on nothing more than pure electric power. You might be surprised.

BMW’s i Remote App for the BMW i3 and i8

BMW i Remote Smartwatch App

If there’s one thing that BMW loves to play with, it’s new, innovative ideas. If you’ve been looking for a BMW i8 for sale or a BMW i3 for sale, now might be the perfect time to pick one of them up as BMW has recently released a smartphone app that pairs up with the i8 and i3 vehicles.

This app, which has been in development for a while, gives BMW owners a range of useful information about their vehicle. This can give them the ability to do things such as improve driving styles, maximize the car’s driving range, and overall boosting the efficiency of the vehicle. When you make the most out of your i3 or i8, you save time, money, and electricity.

Features Within the BMW i Remote App

Not sure if your car will have enough power to reach the next charging station? Your phone will let you know. Want to schedule a charge? Start one? End one? You can handle those on the app as well. You can also connect with the rest of the BMW i community so you can share the statistics of your car and look at the stats of others, such as CO2 output and overall fuel usage. You can find out the efficiency of your car and maybe find out how others are utilizing their driving style to their advantage in order to make their efficiency even better.

The app itself is free, though you do need to sign up at BMW Assist for it to work in the car. It’s only available for the i3 and i8 as of right now, but as BMW extends its electric car family, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if that changed in the future. The i Remote is also available through both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

So the next time you’re in the mood to seek out a BMW i8 for sale or a BMW i3 for sale, don’t forget to download the app as well and have fun!

BMW i8 in Yellow and Red

BMW i8 painted yellow and red

The new BMW i8 is a stunning car all around. But while you can obtain many BMWs in various colors, one of the things that potential buyers may find interesting – and perhaps even a little confusing – is the fact that BMW has chosen to limit the i8 when it comes to the color palatte.

This new hybrid car has some serious power and very smart design. However, if you seek out a BMW i8 for sale in Florida, you’ll find it in only four color options: white, silver, blue, and gray. Not interested in any of these colors? Well, that can be a bit tricky. However, you can find those who would be more than happy to transform your new BMW i8 into colors that are as varied as they come.

In Abu Dahbi, you’ll find a BMW i8 in yellow and red. The Middle East distributor gave the BMW a color overhaul and transformed it into a bright yellow vehicle with bold red accents. If you ever thought the BMW i8 looked dull, you certainly won’t think so now. In fact, it looks like something that belongs zooming down the racetrack and blowing all the competition out of the water.

It is assumed that they’ve crafted this color scheme using a foil wrap – but it’s done so well that at first glance it would be easy to assume that this was the car’s natural color. And this red and yellow combination isn’t the only new BMW i8 that they’ve given a different color. Before the yellow and red, the same dealer had fashioned a lime-green one.

It’s perfectly possible that when you look for a BMW i8 for sale in Florida that once you make your purchase, you too could find a specialty location and request a color wrap for your car.