BMW i8 in Yellow and Red

March 01, 2015

BMW i8 painted yellow and red

The new BMW i8 is a stunning car all around. But while you can obtain many BMWs in various colors, one of the things that potential buyers may find interesting – and perhaps even a little confusing – is the fact that BMW has chosen to limit the i8 when it comes to the color palatte.

This new hybrid car has some serious power and very smart design. However, if you seek out a BMW i8 for sale in Florida, you’ll find it in only four color options: white, silver, blue, and gray. Not interested in any of these colors? Well, that can be a bit tricky. However, you can find those who would be more than happy to transform your new BMW i8 into colors that are as varied as they come.

In Abu Dahbi, you’ll find a BMW i8 in yellow and red. The Middle East distributor gave the BMW a color overhaul and transformed it into a bright yellow vehicle with bold red accents. If you ever thought the BMW i8 looked dull, you certainly won’t think so now. In fact, it looks like something that belongs zooming down the racetrack and blowing all the competition out of the water.

It is assumed that they’ve crafted this color scheme using a foil wrap – but it’s done so well that at first glance it would be easy to assume that this was the car’s natural color. And this red and yellow combination isn’t the only new BMW i8 that they’ve given a different color. Before the yellow and red, the same dealer had fashioned a lime-green one.

It’s perfectly possible that when you look for a BMW i8 for sale in Florida that once you make your purchase, you too could find a specialty location and request a color wrap for your car.

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