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BMW vs. Hellcat: BMW Takes It

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one damn good muscle car with lots of power. In the USA, it often leaves all the rest of the competitors in the dust. Even the police with their modified high-powered cars are frequently unable to catch up with the Hellcat. Recently, however, a YouTuber decided to race the BMW M4 F82 against the Dodge Hellcat.  So what happened in this BMW vs. Hellcat showdown? Let’s start with a little background.

BMW vs. Hellcat Specs

The Dodge Hellcat rocks a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, providing it with 707 HP. The American car is also heavier, tipping the scales at 4,448 pounds, meaning it carries an extra 720 pounds over the BMW. The BMW M4 F82 comes with a straight 6, 3.0-liter engine, which provides 650HP.

At the Hellcat drag race, when it came to the launch, the Dodge Challenger was loud, but slower to accelerate, whereas the M4 F82 with the dual-clutch automatic had a great jump start. It would seem that, with its power, the Hellcat would be more likely to catch up and win the BMW vs. Hellcat race.

While both these are high-performance cars, on paper, it appears that the American Hellcat would best the BMW, however, that is not the end result. The M4 may look small, however, it comes with a mighty powerful engine that can give most cars on the planet a good run for their money.

The Results

The BMW was not tuned for the race, and it only ran on track tires. During the start of the standing drag race in Sport mode, the BMW shot like a rocket. The Dodge Hellcat had to be content with second place as the BMW’s rearview mirror showed it getting left behind. 

The Dodge did not fare any better in the second Hellcat drag race either. At the start, the Hellcat did edge the BMW, but the latter soon overtook it and scored an easy win. No matter what the Dodge tried to do, it was no match for the German car.

At this point, the German bested the American. Judging from the performance of the BMW, it appears that it could beat the Hellcat anytime in any race. What this shows is that a heavy car with a powerful engine is not everything when it comes to a flat-out drag race. Perhaps this is one reason why BMW has started to make lighter and more compact cars.

You can watch the video of the race here.

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2021 BMW M4 MPG

BMW M4 Convertible Will Go on Sale Before Summer

After a long wait, the BMW M4 convertible will finally be on the market sometime during the summer. If you have been waiting to cruise with a sleek car during the summer, you will only have to wait a few more months. The exact details of what the M4 convertible will offer remain to be seen but here is what is known. 

Some of the features of the M4 convertible include a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter 6 cylinder with 473 hp. The vehicle will be available with an 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission. As with all BMWs, rear-wheel drive is a standard, but an all-wheel drive will be an option.

The M4 drop-top will come with a much softer roof fabric compared to previous models. Being lighter, the roof will close in less than 20 seconds.

One key feature about the M4 convertible is the larger kidney grille, a newer design that differentiates it from the coupe counterpart.

2021 BMW M4 Convertible – The Exterior

The exterior of the M4 convertible is similar to the M4 coupe. The few major differences include the sleek kidney grilles, exotic rear and front bumpers, and stylish LED headlights. The 18-inch alloy wheels come with flared fenders and the signature quad tailpipes.

Being slightly lighter and less rigid, the M4 convertible will offer a much smoother ride on all terrains and is expected to handle well around corners and steep descents.

2021 BMW M4 – Interior Space

The M4 convertible is a decent size 4-seater with ample legroom for all adults. The driver has the additional luxury of the 14-way power-adjustable M sports seat. Overall, there is adequate legroom and ample space between the roof and the head. With ample rear room for seating, a compromise has been made in the cargo space, but this can be increased by folding the rear seats.

As with all BMWs, the M4 convertible has a decent list of standard features, including three-stage heated lumbar support seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, keyless entry, several collisions warnings, rearview camera, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system. An upgrade is available that includes a heads-up display, surround-view cameras, and a parking assistant.

If you can afford a BMW, then the least of your concerns is the gas mileage. But the M4 convertible does offer decent figures. The manual transmission offers 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. However, the automatic redeems this with figures of 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highways.

While the exact price has not been announced, the starting price of the 2021 BMW M4 convertible will be around $74K.

2021 BMW M4 Interior

2021 BMW M4 Interior

Ahead of the rollout of the 2021 BMW M4, most people are talking about the exterior – especially that massive kidney grille. While some feel it’s ostentatious, it has made more than its share of fans with this aggressive, bold styling. The body of the updated M4 is sleek, aggressive, and athletic. But what can we expect inside? Let’s take a look at the 2021 BMW M4 interior

What’s New With the 2021 BMW M4 Interior?

The M4 exterior has been given a sexy update, and luckily, BMW spared no expense when it comes to the interior. We see a driver-centric cockpit featuring redesigned seats. In fact the BMW M4 seats have garnered a great deal of attention! They are a bucket seat style, wrapped in luxurious high quality leather. As sexy as they are, they also hold you tightly and securely in place – so when you put the M4 through the paces, you are firmly in control. Even taller passengers will find themselves quite comfortable as there is plenty of head, shoulder, and legroom in the front.

What about the back seats? Usually in a sports model, these are an afterthought – and an uncomfortable one at that. In the M4, there is enough space for “medium tall” folks. Tall people may find themselves feeling a bit squeezed, but at least the butter soft leather will feel amazing. While not as roomy as a sedan, the rear BMW M4 seats are more than adequate and offer more room than others in its class. 

The interior also boasts an advanced infotainment system with 10.25 display, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, wireless connectivity, navigation, 16 speaker HiFi loudspeaker system (premium Bose surround sound optional), BMW intelligent personal assistant, and voice and gesture control.

Additionally, the M4 offers tri-zone automatic climate control, sports leather-wrapped steering wheel, ambient lighting, and enhanced acoustic and thermal windscreen to block noise and helps maintain a consistent temperature. 

The 2021 BMW M4 interior is sporty, athletic, sexy, and driver-focused. To experience it for yourself, contact Braman BMW in Jupiter

2021 bmw m4 motor

2021 BMW M4: What to Expect

Nearly every enthusiast is searching for one term online – 2021 BMW M4 Coupe. There’s a reason for that. BMW has been short on details regarding this new release, and it is much anticipated. Much of what has been released comes from spy photos and analysts’ suggestions, but it’s pretty fascinating stuff, and until BMW displays some proper information, these are the best available details.

Under the Hood

The BMW G82 M4 will come with a twin-turbocharged six cylinder engine that means serious power. Expect at least 473 horsepower from this model and 442 lb-ft of torque. An eight speed automatic transmission will probably come standard. There may even be an option for a manual transmission. The M4 will also likely be available with both rear and all-wheel drive options.

Redefined Style

This model will likely be available in both hardtop and drop-top body styles. Many of the test models seen on the track have a lower bumper that’s slightly different from others, but it’s possible that they may drop that feature before they unveil the final model. Most also have a wider rear-end and a spoiler, as well as standard quad-exhaust pipes. The bigger kidney grille that has caused so much controversy will be present as well.

Phenomenal Interior

Most have suggested that the standard BMW updated 3-Series will probably be the base for the interior on this model. It features an angled dashboard as well as digital gauges. You can likely expect carbon-fiber trim and plenty of gorgeous accents as well as a fantastic infotainment system with large touchscreen controls. Harman/Kardon audio systems are standard on almost every new model, so they’ll likely be here, too, as will a Wi-Fi hotspot and Apple CarPlay capability. Safety and driver assistance features will also carry over from previous models.

Many have suggested the M4 coupe will run an estimated $71,000. The convertible is likely to hit $79,000.

Contact us today to learn more about this car.

Next-gen BMW M4 Coupe | Braman BMW Jupiter, FL

New BMW M4 Coupe: First Look

The next-gen BMW M4 already has people excited, even though the details have barely been released. Fortunately, there have been a few sightings on the test track that have many just as excited as ever about this M4 coupe

M4 Coupe – The Goods

One of the biggest pieces of news about this vehicle is its large grille. While it’s tough to tell exactly what it might look like from the camouflage BMW notoriously puts on its cars for trips to the test track, what is clear is that it is significantly larger than that of the 3 Series, and it may even be much bigger than the vehicle actually needs. It’s this large piece of news that has many interested in a model that’s bound to look pretty seriously different from anything this brand has previously released.

A few other details were visible while the vehicle was at the test track. The windows seem to be shorter than the older M4 models tend to be, and the entire car seems to be much closer to the ground. It seems to have carbon ceramic brakes, as well as a quad-tipped exhaust and a large muffler. Previous shots of the vehicle have shown the cabin to look quite a bit like the 3 Series. It seems to have the standard 8.8-inch touchscreen, as well as the expected digital gauge cluster, and rotary controls for the iDrive system.

While it’s hard to tell from the test track, most believe this will use a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six, just as the X3 M and the X4 M currently do. BMW has promised that it will include a manual transmission option, and most believe that the company will offer rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options. Initial deliveries of the vehicle won’t occur until 2021.

2016 BMW M4 | Braman BMW Jupiter

Check out the BMW M Series Vehicles For Sale at Braman BMW Jupiter

The BMW M Series is a thing of beauty. Suave and with a bit of muscle behind it, it’s the kind of car that’s easy to fall in love with. From the 2016 BMW M4 to any of the other cars in the lineup, it’s the kind of car that you’ll want to test drive for certain in order to discover what makes it so great.

2016 BMW M4 | Braman BMW Jupiter

From the rumble of the engine to the grip it has on the road, everything about the BMW M Series shouts smart engineering and precision in every detail. BMW works hard on each and every car they create, and the M Series definitely shows it. When you visit Braman BMW Jupiter, you can ask to see any one of the M Series. Ask for a 2016 BMW M4 and give it a test drive around the area. The handling, crystal clear sound system, soft leather, ergonomic controls, and much more will appeal to you in just a few minutes.

Ask about any of the other M Series as well. Test drive any one you want. The folks at Braman BMW in Jupiter, Florida are there to help you find the perfect car for your lifestyle. If one of the BMW M Series is it, then they’ll do everything they can to make sure you pick the right one.

You can also take your time and look at the possibilities online. Braman’s website allows you to peruse both new and used vehicles in order to narrow down your search. Have questions? Utilize their online chat option to speak with an expert in a matter of minutes. Braman is set and prepared to help you in every way possible – even if you’re not present at their leading BMW dealership!

Once you find the right M Series car, you’ll be content to take it home and know that you got an excellent deal and worked with some of the best luxury car representatives there are.

White 2016 BMW M4 for sale at the Braman BMW dealership in Jupiter Florida

2015 BMW M4 Wins the Luxury Performance Coupe Challenge

BMW isn’t afraid to go head-to-head with some of the toughest competition in its class. Whether it’s on the Autobahn in Germany or at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois, BMW is more than happy to show everyone there what it’s got. decided to find out for themselves which was the best luxury performance coupe, and the 2015 BMW M4 was up.

The other two vehicles in the lineup included the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V and the 2015 Lexus RC F. Each car was driven on a 162-mile real-world mileage course. This included the Byron Dragway located in Byron, Illinois for testing on each car’s 0-60 mph acceleration ability, quarter-mile time and speed, and a 60-0 brake test, and the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois for a day drive on the course there so judges could feel how the car handled.

Five judges drove them back-to-back on the same stretch of pavement. The judges consisted of three editors, PBS’s MotorWeek producer, and the in-market shopper. BMW car dealers geared up to see how the 2015 BMW M4 fared against the Cadillac and Lexus.

As it turns out, the 2015 BMW M4 came out on top. Powerful, strong, well-built, and worth every penny, it performed above and beyond the contenders with excellent acceleration, comfortable ride, and braking power.

BMW car dealers like Braman made sure to take note – with such high praise it’s hard not to pay closer attention to the M4. Naturally, with BMW, it’s hard to look away as it is. No doubt BMW already knew the answer to who would win the Luxury Performance Coupe challenge, but they’re not one to brag. After all, the results speak for themselves.

See the 2015 BMW M4 for yourself at Braman BMW. A test drive will quickly show you exactly what the judges found so appealing in this car, from interior design to speed; it’s just what you’ve always wanted.

New BMW M4 GTS and M2 Coupe

It’s hard to glean new information from car companies when they’re testing out new concepts and planning new cars. The best places hold tightly to every detail, waiting for that one special moment when they can do the grand reveal. As much fun as those reveals are, it’s still rather entertaining to try and peek behind the curtain before the show.

In this case, everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new 2016 BMW M4 GTS and the new 2016 BMW M2 Coupe. Many people suspected both of these were in the works, and official confirmation is slowly bubbling to the surface. An image taken at BMW Internet Market Workshop has since made the rounds, and it’s very promising.

BMW M2 Coupe

2016 BMW M2 Coupe

So far, what we do know is that the new 2016 BMW M2 Coupe should enter into production sometime in November. The word is that it will receive a modified body as well as a modified chassis. Beneath the hood, we’ll likely see a 3.0 liter turbocharged engine that is thought to offer up about 380 horsepower.


2016 BMW M4 GTS

Then what will the new 2016 BMW M4 GTS have in store? It’s hard to say given BMW’s lockdown on the vehicle. Given the designs and facelifts that other BMWs have had in the past, there’s a good chance that it too will be lighter. It may also feature some of BMW’s cool new water injection technology in order to boost the performance of a straight-six turbo engine. Still most things are going to be purely speculation until BMW reveals the M4 in all its glory.

Until these two are available, you can always satisfy your longing for a BMW at Braman BMW in Jupiter. Ask any representative there about future possibilities of getting an M2 or M4 – but you can trust that once either of those is available, Braman will be all over it.

BMW M4 Safety Car

BMW Safety Car with Water Injection

BMW likes to make their cars zip around the racetrack as much as anyone, but they’re also very aware that the racetrack can be a dangerous place, and there needs to be the right amount of order in case of an issue. Safety cars are sent out to the front of the competing cars in case something happens that causes an issue. The safety car will set the speed and remain in front until the issue is past.

This means that the safety car involved needs to be able to run with the best of them. The racing series picks their safety cars, and they choose very carefully. In the MotoGP series, they like the BMW M4, for sale in West Palm Beach. BMW has been a part of the MotoGP series for a very long time – since 1999 in fact. So MotoGP knows what it’s going to get when they team up with BMW. And BMW knows how to deliver.

A quick look at the M4 will put one in mind of a futuristic police car. And, in some ways, that’s what it needs to be. The colors make it stand out drastically from the actual competitors, and the overall color scheme immediately lets people know that something is up and they need to pay close attention to this car. But this new safety car has an innovative water injection system that actually injects water into the combustion system as a fine mist. This may sound counterproductive to what we know, but BMW doesn’t play about safety or performance. According to BMW, it aids in the combustion process by helping to lower the temperature – which is often hotter than ideal – thus allowing for better combustion.

Of course, this isn’t going to be restricted to the BMW M4 safety car – eventually this technology will be seen all over, which means the next time you visit your BMW dealership in Jupiter, you may just discover a BMW M series car or two with this system under the hood.