BMW M4 Safety Car

March 11, 2015

BMW Safety Car with Water Injection

BMW likes to make their cars zip around the racetrack as much as anyone, but they’re also very aware that the racetrack can be a dangerous place, and there needs to be the right amount of order in case of an issue. Safety cars are sent out to the front of the competing cars in case something happens that causes an issue. The safety car will set the speed and remain in front until the issue is past.

This means that the safety car involved needs to be able to run with the best of them. The racing series picks their safety cars, and they choose very carefully. In the MotoGP series, they like the BMW M4, for sale in West Palm Beach. BMW has been a part of the MotoGP series for a very long time – since 1999 in fact. So MotoGP knows what it’s going to get when they team up with BMW. And BMW knows how to deliver.

A quick look at the M4 will put one in mind of a futuristic police car. And, in some ways, that’s what it needs to be. The colors make it stand out drastically from the actual competitors, and the overall color scheme immediately lets people know that something is up and they need to pay close attention to this car. But this new safety car has an innovative water injection system that actually injects water into the combustion system as a fine mist. This may sound counterproductive to what we know, but BMW doesn’t play about safety or performance. According to BMW, it aids in the combustion process by helping to lower the temperature – which is often hotter than ideal – thus allowing for better combustion.

Of course, this isn’t going to be restricted to the BMW M4 safety car – eventually this technology will be seen all over, which means the next time you visit your BMW dealership in Jupiter, you may just discover a BMW M series car or two with this system under the hood.

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