Which State Buys the Most BMWs?

May 05, 2016

BMW Specials | Braman BMW

Can You Guess Which State is One of the Top States in The US for Buying BMWs?  BMWs are gorgeous cars, no doubt about it. Many people would love nothing more than to own a beautiful new Bimmer.  When you find the right BMW dealer, everything just seems to fall into place. From the selection to the BMW specials available, you could drive one home in record time. But when it comes to BMWs around the country, which states are brimming over with 3 Series, 5 Series, and more?

Selling over a hundred thousand units each year, BMW is proud to be seen throughout the United States. You might think certain cities – Las Vegas or Washington D.C. – with their big, bold style and lucrative incomes, would be at the forefront of luxury car purchasing. Yet this isn’t the case. Braman, a top Florida BMW dealer isn’t surprised that the Sunshine State is one of the top-­selling areas for BMW. The others include California, Texas, and New York. In fact, Florida is at the top of the pack.

Braman is happy to offer BMW specials all year round on various series, giving people the chance to own a luxury vehicle in a variety of ways. Unable to buy a BMW outright? Then look into the possibilities of leasing. In fact, many people prefer the idea of leasing because it allows them to bring the car back after a few years. Then they can start a new lease with a brand new BMW.

This allows you to sample the different kinds of BMWs that Braman has to offer. It’s also a cheaper option for those looking to enjoy a luxury automobile but still need to do a bit of saving before they commit. Like what you’ve been driving? Then ask about buying a BMW once your lease is up!

Come to Florida for fantastic BMW specials – after all, this is the home of the happiest BMW owners in the nation!

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