Braman BMW 335i M Performance

March 27, 2015


2015 BMW 335i M Performance

The BMW 3 Series, for sale in South Florida,  has a long history with North America, and over the years, it has come and gone, and when BMW finally settled on some new models to bring back, people were understandably excited. In fact, the most powerful non-M version of the BMW 3 Series is the 335i. Of course, for some that’s fine. But for others, the fun and the challenge is in making the 335i even more impressive than it already is.

Enter the BMW Abu Dhabi dealership. These guys are all about making the BMW vehicles they receive into something more. They’ve already wrapped two BMW i8 cars in different bold color choices, so what’s to stop them from upping the ante on the 335i? In this case, they’ve given it an M Sport Line package and the M Performance Visual package, essentially turning this BMW 3 Series into the BMW 335i M Performance Edition.

Under the hood and on the outside, there’s a lot about this BMW 335i that’s changed. The M Performance Power Kit allows the 335i to gain 20 more horsepower from its original 300, and jump from 300 lb-ft of torque into 332 lb-ft. The kit also has an ECU flash and the M Performance air-intake system so you get the most out of every moment.

From the racing stripe that is specifically off center in order to avoid running over the BMW logo to the other elements, overall it can be a hard car to duplicate. Custom jobs often are. But whether you want a specialized BMW 335i for sale or if you just want one of the BMW 3 Series, you can always ask Braman BMW about your options. There are already plenty out there for you – though a little custom work here and there never hurt anybody.

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