Will BMW Build a New Supercar?

December 14, 2018
BMW Supercar i8 Specs | Braman BMW of Jupiter, Florida

Is a new BMW supercar on the horizon? Some have eyed the BMW i8 as a super star in the making. The technology behind the i8 may do a great deal to change our interpretation of what a supercar can be. The BMW i8 specs show a powerful vehicle with a more modern version of the supercar: a mean-looking, plug-in hybrid with fearsome performance.

The BMW Supercar Has Changed

The i8 fits some definitions of a BMW supercar, and bucks other traditions. Some critics have found the interpretation appealing, while others say they love the BMW i8 but it does too many new things to fit the supercar mold precisely.

Whether the BMW i8 is a supercar or something altogether different, will BMW make one that fits more traditional definitions of “supercar”? BMW’s research & development chief Klaus Frohlich told Drive that he’s pushing hard to make it happen during the life cycle of the i8.

A Cinematic Aesthetic

The BMW i8 itself boasts aesthetic design that’s remarkable. It features butterfly doors that lift upward and out of the way when getting in and out. The low-slung design features an aggressively swept greenhouse that gives the car its mean, assertive look. The car always looks like it’s angry with someone and out for vengeance, which lends it a cinematic flair. It looks like it should be in constant chase scenes.

BMW i8 Specs

The i8 features a 369 horsepower combined powertrain that delivers 420 lb-ft of torque. It can achieve 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

It holds the road well and offers remarkable braking power and precise handling. This makes it a great car to, as Car and Driver puts it, “fling around corners”. The roadster version offers a convertible variation with a very cleanly operating top.

Charging is a breeze, using a plug that can take advantage of BMW’s network of charging stations or any other public option.

BMW will come along with a new supercar at some point, but don’t take your eyes off the i8 as the BMW supercar that exemplifies a different take on what this category can be. The BMW i8 is a powerful and stylized plug-in hybrid interpretation of the supercar.

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