BMW Specials- BMW 3 Series Remains the Icon of Auto Luxury

March 14, 2016

BMW Dealer | Braman BMW Jupiter

Many cars are known for their luxury and style, speed and craftsmanship. The BMW 3 Series has been a staple of the auto luxury world for years due to many factors, including its well-blended design with technology and power. The 2016 3 Series promises to be no different, and that’s what people are looking forward to. In fact, the 3 Series recently turned 40 – an impressive feat for any car company.

A good BMW dealer can show you all the possibilities within the 3 Series family. From hardtops that shift back to transform the car into a convertible to more classic designs, the 3 Series has seen many changes throughout the years, and always for the better. BMW works to improve engine power as well as efficiency. Making safety, gas consumption, handling, and more always better – even if just by a fraction – than the model before it.

What’s more, a BMW dealer will often have amazing BMW specials waiting for you. This gives you the chance to buy or lease a 2016 3 Series in order to see for yourself what makes it such an amazing car. Test drive as many as you like in order to find the perfect one. New or certified pre-owned, you’re bound to find one that suits your style. BMW specials on the 3 Series also make it enticing, for as other car companies refuse to sell their luxury automobiles for less than certain expected amounts, BMWs are still able to be owned not by the super-rich, but by the every-man who has worked hard enough to buy his dream car.

Its style and ability to appeal to so many different people across the board, all while being an attainable car put it at the front of the luxury car universe. If you haven’t examined the possibilities of the BMW 2016 3 Series yet, stop by your Braman BMW dealer and take a few test drives to discover what everyone is talking about.

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