BMW i8 Innovations Available Across BMW Lineup

August 19, 2016

BMW i8 | Braman BMW Jupiter

The BMW i8 Series offers a number of clever innovations aimed to make your drive more fun, more responsive, and safer than ever before. If you’re looking for a 2016 BMW for sale, it’s the i8 series and its sleek, driver-friendly design that you’re after.

Redefining Luxury Driving

The i8 Series offers unsurpassed luxury – and driving at its best with intuitive features. For example, adaptive LED headlights turn with the steering wheel, helping you get an extra split second of anticipation. This makes you a more responsive night driver and will keep you from squinting at those parts of the road you can never see.

If that’s not enough, the BMW i8 also offers night vision that sees in the dark up to 900-feet in front of you. You’ll never be surprised by a deer in the road or anyone coming up on you unexpectedly.

Additionally, the BMW i8‘s heads-up display provides you with critical driving information (speed, navigation, and warnings). This projects right on your windshield in full color, meaning you don’t have to take your eyes off the road when checking vital stats. Radio and music information can also be projected here, all in line-of-sight with the road itself. It’s easier than ever before to focus all your attention on the road without becoming distracted. When a fraction of a second means the difference between safety and an accident, this matters.

From safety to convenience, the i8 has it all. Cameras help with some of the more stressful elements of driving: namely, when you have to stop cruising and park. A 360-degree view assists you in parallel parking and gives you tracking lines that help you steer through tight spots. There’s no such thing as a blind spot anymore – or a scuffed bumper.

The BMW i8 is one of the most driver-friendly cars on the market, with innovations meant to make you a more powerful and capable driver. Anticipate corners at night better, see farther than ever before with night vision, get all your information without looking away from the road, and use cameras to help guide you in tight situations. If you’re looking for a 2016 BMW for sale, make the i8 your first test drive.

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