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May 25, 2015

BMW electric vehicle

People love to speculate about what luxury car deals are up to next. BMW is no exception. People love to know what they might be doing. Where they might be going with their newest designs. What that camouflaged car they spotted will end up looking like by the next auto show – if the company releases it at all. Recently, rumors have been floating around concerning the BMW i5.

Though the i3 and i8 are already out and about, the rumors around the i5 spoke of all sorts of things. Previously, the rumor of the i5 was that it was going to be a “Tesla killer.” People believed it could be a full electric sedan. Others thought it might be a plug-in touring. Most recently, the rumor is that the i5 will be based on the next 5 Series.

The German magazine Auto Bild seems to be behind a lot of the speculations – or at least giving them boosts, such as claiming the i5 will be available in 2018 (even though the R&D boss at BMW says 2020). Auto Bild also speculates greatly on what the drivetrain will be, and BMW has declined to comment any time someone asks them about such rumors.

BMW will keep us in the dark regarding the i5 until they’re ready, so rumors will continue to float around until the i5 is finally revealed. There’s no doubt that they’re looking to directly compete with Tesla’s Model S, but they’re going to make sure they have it right before showing the world. And, knowing BMW, it’s doubtful that they’ll base the i5 on the 5 Series – which is a regular production car at this point.

Until then, you can enjoy some of BMW’s other i Series cars, such as the i3 or i8. Visit your BMW dealership in Jupiter or any other Braman BMW Dealership for more information about where you can test drive the BMW that makes you most comfortable – electric or not.

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