BMW i4 Specs and Speculation

May 23, 2019
BMW i4 specs, BMW electric car | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

What could you do with the latest BMW electric car? If the industry insiders are right about the BMW i4 specs, the answer is some pretty amazing things. BMW chair Harald Kr├╝ger confirmed speculation about the i4 at the Paris auto show last fall, and while BMW hasn’t officially published any details on the production, some really exciting buzz has developed in the industry about what possibilities this model could hold.

A Very Different Four-Door Coupe

This vehicle will look very much like a four-door coupe, but this isn’t your parent’s electric family car. Instead, it’s likely going to be a liftback with a hatchback opening. At first glance, you’ll see a decklid with a ducktail spoiler and a sloped hood. It won’t, however, have a carbon-fiber structure.

Beyond that, the BMW i4 specs available are a little slim. The concepts for this model had a battery range of 373 miles. That may, however, depend on which model you purchase. Current market speculation suggests that BMW will offer both 60 and 80 kWh battery packs for models, so you’ll have to choose which best meets your needs.

While speed isn’t always the key concern when you buy a BMW electric car, it may at least cross your mind before you make the purchase. The top speed seems to be about 125 mph, and you can zoom from zero to 62 mph within about four seconds.

You may also have the ability to choose your drivetrain with this model based on your preference. The i3 came in only rear-wheel drive, but the i4 will likely give you a choice between the standard rear-wheel drive option or the xDrive.

BMW is working hard to take on the electric car market, and with the i4, it looks like it may have a fighting chance against companies already making headway with customers looking for something a little different.

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