BMW I Vision Dynamics: A Peak into the Future

October 23, 2017

BMW i Vision Dynamics

What is the BMW i Vision Dynamics & Its Future

Concept cars are fun. That’s it – they’re just plain fun. They allow us to indulge our imaginations and ask our favorite questions: What if? and What next? The BMW iVision Dynamics concept offers an enticing glimpse into an eco- and performance-friendly future. A future that is coming to a BMW dealership near you sooner than you might think.


Soon, among the sleek new BMWs for sale, you will see an electric model that is poised to fight the mighty Tesla. Since its founding in 2003, Tesla has made a name for itself as the brand of innovation. BMW, though, has over a century of engineering marvels and continual improvement on its side. The iVision puts this ingenuity on full display, from the smooth space-age metal and glass exterior to the recessed door handles to the barely visible joints to the more-than-respectable 160mph top speed.


BMW describes this as a “trailblazer for electric vehicles.” It certainly looks the part: the glass roof runs from windshield to rear. Perfectly proportioned windows add to the sense of airy possibility. Not only that, they are forerunners of fully connected and autonomous driving. The Ultimate Driving Machine will transition into the Ultimate Self-Driving Machine in our lifetimes.


Don’t worry, Bimmer fans: the iVision Dynamics also has those classic BMW touches, like the iconic kidney grilles. You’ll feel right at home. But at the same time, when the iVision becomes a fully realized vehicle, you’ll feel something else: exhilaration. If the iVision is a trailblazer in the EV class, then you are a trailblazer when it comes to seeking adventures that make a big impact — while treading softly on the earth.

Until the iVision Dynamics concept becomes a reality, there are plenty of amazing new BMW’s for sale. Learn more about purchasing or leasing a Bimmer from South Florida’s most trusted dealership.

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