BMW i Series ConnectedDrive Services

January 01, 2015

BMW ConnectedDrive Services

Want to know what your BMW i Series vehicle is up to? BMW simply doesn’t stop with its innovation by creating a new car. They continue on in order to give you even more insight into your electric vehicle by providing you with the i Remote App, which tells you everything about your car no matter where you might be.

BMW ConnectedDrive smartphone

Detailed Information About Your Vehicle

For example, perhaps a family member is using your car for the day. With the i Remote App, you can discover its location, the range it has, what the battery level is, and even receive service messages that will inform you of lights left on or unlocked doors. It also includes a dynamic range map. This map not only shows you points of interest along your route, but also available charging stations and whether or not the station is occupied or vacant. Together with ChargeNow, you can see even more charging stations than before. The app will also provide additional tips on how to drive your electric vehicle more effectively in order to make the most out of its range. Your smart phone just got even smarter!

Intelligent Eco Technology

The other part of BMW’s i ConnectedDrive services include the in-car center for navigation and more. After all, you can’t be on your phone all the time, especially when you’re driving! Everything is utilized to its maximum potential in order to provide you with the best driving experience possible. Centered around the dynamic range map, the navigation process takes into account your battery’s current charge level, your driving style, the topography, and even current traffic conditions. Should some of these elements impede your ability to reach your destination, i ConnectedDrive will either use ECO ROUTE to suggest an alternative route for less power usage, or switch the iSeries vehicle over to the ECO PRO+ driving mode.

Everything about your next BMW iSeries is ready to provide you with whatever you need. Ask Braman BMW to learn more about BMW’s amazing electric cars and their i Connected Drive services.

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