BMW Hybrids: The Most Efficient of Vehicles

December 10, 2014

BMW Hybrids: Ethics and Power in Harmony

A decision to purchase a hybrid vehicle is usually made based on a variety of important reasons. We all have a deep-seated concern for reducing our environmental footprint, and emissions are important. We also want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. We want vehicles that are more fuel efficient because that also saves us money we can use for other important things. These concerns, though, sometimes butt heads with other practicalities for our vehicles. We want to know that our vehicle is safe. We want to know that we won’t be stranded if our battery charge runs out. We want our vehicle to have power and performance as well as match our ethical concerns. This is where BMW shines, as it leads the way in hybrid vehicles. If you ever had your doubts, allow BMW to dispel them with its Active Hybrid series.

Active Hybrid Series

Part of the BMW Group’s overall energy strategy, the Active Hybrid series was created as a result of the search for better fuel consumption and efficiency. The Active Hybrid 7 was actually the world’s first hybrid car to combine a V8 gas engine, 8 speed automatic transmission, and an electric motor. To say it revolutionized what the automotive world thought was possible is still an understatement. Shattering notions of what a hybrid was capable of, the 7 was still able to deliver 465 horsepower smoothly and efficiently. Further iterations of the design in the Active Hybrid 5 and 3 continued to pull on the previous technology while offering tweaks to aesthetic appearance as well as driving features, such as switching from the lithium-ion battery to the combustion engine depending on when power was needed.

BMW truly leads the way in technology and innovation. This is the best season to come check out a new BMW from your BMW Jupiter dealership. If you have been waiting for a vehicle to give you a good reason to jump into the green automotive tech world, the wait is over. Test drive a BMW Active Hybrid today.

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