BMW: Energy Results that Work

December 05, 2014

BMW Green Technology

The trend toward green technology in the automotive industry is well documented. From the iconic little hybrid cars that first made the scene to the vying for better miles per gallon ratios that we saw a few years back, green technology is far more than a phase – it’s an ongoing technology plan. One might wonder, though, whether we are actually seeing real results from the latest crop of hybrid cars – or if all those claims are just advertising hype? In the case of BMW, you can be assured that you are getting energy results that work.

Festival_automobile_international_2013_-_BMW_-_i8_Concept_-_009The long term strategy of the BMW Group has always been about lower energy consumption, and this has been true since the 1970s. At that time, BMW put into place a series of efforts aimed at optimizing its production processes to help bring this vision to reality. Known as “efficient dynamics,” the BMW strategy is based on optimizing both gas and diesel engines to improve fuel consumption, rethinking construction for lighter-weight vehicles and aerodynamics and other strategies, such as hybridization and the fuel cell.

The Future of Green Vehicles Starts at BMW

Some examples include the BMW Active Hybrid series. With the world’s first V8 gas engine, electric motor and 8 speed transmission, BMW revolutionized the way the world looks at the possibilities of a hybrid car. Or take the BMW i8 with its integrated technology – it just won a prestigious award for innovation and fuel efficiency.

So do these efforts work? Absolutely! BMW Group reduced the CO2 emissions of its vehicles by a full 30 percent from 1995 to 2010; by the year 2020, we expect to reduce emissions by a further 25 percent. If you have yet to see how BMW is dominating the green energy market for vehicles, feel free to stop by your BMW Jupiter dealership and see what is new. Whether it is the award winning BMW i8 or some of the other green tech features on most automobiles, you are sure to see how BMW leads the way in automotive innovation and technology.

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