BMW Car Lease Deals

January 12, 2015

There are a lot of options available today when it comes to cars. From buying new, buying pre-owned, to simply leasing, you can get a BMW in excellent shape no matter what – but if you want a brand new one, there are only two possible options: buy outright or lease. Leasing is an excellent choice because it can help you save money over time, as well as give you even more BMW car lease options once your initial lease time is up.

BMW Lease Deals

So what can you get with BMW car leases? A great deal. Right now Braman BMW has dozens of different BMW car lease options – but keep in mind that these are only for a limited time! Once the end of January hits, the deals will be over (but keep an eye out for future deals!). Interested in a BMW 320i? Lease one for just $179 per month with $4,189 down, for 36 months. Lease a 328i for $189 per month with the same amount down — $4,189 – and for 36 months as well. In fact, you can lease many different BMW models with just $4,189 down and the lease time lasting for 36 months. These include the X1 for $219 per month, the 535i for $439 per month, and the X3 for $569 per month.

Specials for BMW Leases

Still looking for something different? Braman has even more BMW car lease options. How about the 750Li for $829 per month with only $5,689 down, for just 36 months? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on the 640 CV? You can lease it for just $5,689 down and pay $859 per month for 39 months. With so many different cars available to you at excellent lease prices, it’s hard to say no. Especially once the lease is up and you return it, who knows what amazing BMW lease specials BMW of Jupiter, Florida may have waiting for you.

Now is the perfect time to look into leasing possibilities. Remember that these particular deals will only last until January 31, so speak with a Braman BMW specialist and find the right BMW for your personal style today.

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