BMW Announces Partnership with IBM

January 23, 2017

BMW i-Series | Braman BMW in Jupiter

BMW isn’t content to sit back on its laurels while other companies such as Tesla move forward with innovative technology. The BMW i-Series is hot on the trail of all things fantastically futuristic thanks to a new partnership with tech giant IBM. So what exactly does this mean for the vehicles you might find at your South Florida BMW dealer soon?

BMW is interested in bringing Watson into the fold. Watson is IBM’s artificial intelligence platform. You may have seen a commercial or two about it. The goal of adding Watson to BMW i-Series cars (and who knows – perhaps others as well) will be to provide drivers with “intelligent assist functions.”

In essence, this will allow you to communicate better with your car. You may even be able to have some semblance of a conversation with it. An example? Let’s say you were to visit one of these Watson-equipped BMW i-Series cars at a South Florida BMW dealer. The instruction manual for the car would be a part of it. So, instead of flipping through a book, you could actually ask the car questions about itself.

If you were to buy the car, Watson – a true learning machine – would eventually become familiar with your driving habits. It could then make suggestions for you, such as how to save on gas or provide tips to ensure that you are safer on the road. And of course, it will also continue to deliver the sort of information we’re used to seeing/hearing about at this point, such as driving conditions, traffic, weather, and more.

The pairing of BMW and IBM means that we’re stepping closer to the era of innovations such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Drivers will have much more insight into their cars than ever before – and vice versa. It’s an exciting time to visit your South Florida BMW dealer.

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