Bloomberg Names BMW the Best Luxury Sedan

October 07, 2016

2016 BMW 340 | Braman BMW Jupiter

Always on the lookout for the best of the best, various publications that focus on cars – and even those that don’t – will keep an eye out for vehicles that excel in various ways. The fastest. The sleekest. The most powerful. The most luxurious. Bloomberg has announced that BMW is the best luxury sedan – a fact you can easily verify with a trip to Jupiter BMW.

But what criteria does Bloomberg use? Simple – everything. The all around design, inside and out, engineering and craftsmanship, all come together to create the ideal choice for a luxury sedan. A prime example given by the publication is the 2016 BMW 340.

Balance, comfort, style, a powerful engine, excellent handling, and so much more all work in tandem to provide the driver with a finely tuned experience – one that you simply cannot get from any other car. Bloomberg even admits that other luxury brands have been aspiring to the standard that BMW set years ago, but still haven’t yet quite mastered it. The 2016 BMW 340 continues to roll down the road as top dog.

Try out the 2016 BMW 340 for yourself. Visit Jupiter BMW and discover all the greatness that Bloomberg sees for  yourself. From sitting in the seat and putting your hands on the wheel to stepping on the gas and taking a turn, you’ll soon realize that BMW does indeed make a superior car that gives you everything you’ve wanted in a luxury sedan – as well as some that you never knew you needed.

Even if you decide the 2016 BMW 340 isn’t quite for you, there’s no need to worry – there are plenty of amazing BMW vehicles to choose from. So take your time and try them out until you find the best luxury sedan for you.

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