A Closer Look at the All New BMW 2 Series

October 30, 2017

New BMW 2 Series

2018 BMW 2 Series Review

The new BMW 2 Series is a sight to see. BMW is renowned for creating high quality luxury vehicles that have as much substance as they have style, and this iteration does not disappoint.


The new BMW 2 Series will ignite the passion in drivers. Last year, BMW introduced rehauled engines. This means that very few tweaks were necessary to improve performance in the new models. But this is BMW: incremental improvements empower the brand to keep raising the bar. For example, the M240i, which was known as the m235i, received a new 335-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. Don’t let the power go to your head!


The technology package was also updated; now, not only do you have a high quality GPS system, you can enjoy an on-the-go wi-fi hotspot and wireless charing pad. Your South Florida BMW dealer will be happy to walk you through all of the changes and all of the exciting features.


If we got to pick our perfect option from a South Florida BMW dealer we’d likely go for the 230i. This gorgeous beast has a lower starting price, which is great for those on a budget. At the same time, it is a performance champion. Or, if we were looking for a family car, the M240i is what we’d chose, with the all-wheel drive option addition so that we could ensure that we could drive anywhere, and everywhere, at any time.

The truth is that no matter which trims or options you choose, you can’t lose with the new BMW 2 Series.

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