7 Reasons to Buy a BMW 3 Series

September 22, 2016

BMW 3 Series | Braman Motorcars

The chic outline of a Bimmer is reason enough to invest in a BMW 3 Series. But if you need  more, consider the following:

1. Hybrids. If you want the ability to choose between traditional and environmental, then the iconic brand has you covered. Visit your BMW dealership to check out their gorgeous hybrid models.

2. Space. The interiors are out of this world, not just in quality, but in how open they feel. Is it really bigger on the inside? That might just be one of BMW’s secrets….

3. Fleets Everywhere. If you depend on company cars to make your business run, BMW does fleet better than anyone. The new BMW 3 Series is affordable and economical – perfect!

4. The Engine. Advanced technology make BMW a clear choice among those who want power, performance, and ultimate efficiency.

5. iDrive. Technology comes into play in a big way with luxury cars, and you can take a look yourself when you visit your BMW dealership. The Infotainment system allows you to do much more than just check maps and play music.

6. Handling. Driving a BMW 3 Series is a real treat. From long roads to hairpin curves, it’s got excellent balance and superior grip. They don’t call this the “Ultimate Driving Machine” for nothing.

7. A Clear View. Though a lot of people don’t give it much thought, visibility is critically  important. Fast and fancy cars may hunker down on that windshield, giving you a narrow view of the world outside. The new BMW 3 Series, however, lets you see as much as possible.

These reasons should be enough to get you to a BMW dealership. And once there, you’ll discover a myriad of other reasons to love this classic brand – and to drive away in a 3 Series.

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