5 Signature Design Elements of BMW

August 05, 2016

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What makes a BMW? How is one designed, built, and fully realized? When you sit down in a BMW, you know what kind of car you’re in. It’s the feel, it’s the purr of the engine, It’s the responsiveness that makes a BMW feel like an extension of yourself. Believe it or not, there’s a design to achieving that, developed over years – and with love. Form follows function, and the function has to respond to the driver before anyone or anything else:

  1. From the first iterations to 2016 BMWs for sale, these cars are designed to slip through the air with ease and minimal resistance. Integrated front spoilers reduce the air directed under the car, meaning there’s lift against the front-end at high speeds. A BMW hugs the road because the faster it’s going, the more air flow is encouraging it to stay close against the road. Closed-body BMWs have a low drag coefficient. What that means is that every contour is designed for air to flow over the BMW’s body. There’s no place where air would be trapped to create resistance.
  1. The kidney grille on the front is a distinct way of minimizing drag. Enough air is allowed to flow through the engine compartment while directing everything else in a streamlined manner around the vehicle.
  1. Quad headlights might seem like overkill, but they serve both aesthetic and safety concerns. With spacing, they allow light to be spread out over a larger horizontal field than double headlights. They also serve as markers of distinction. This is a BMW.
  1. The Hofmeister kink is a unique bend in the BMW’s C-pillars, where the metal roof supports separate the rear side windows from the back glass. This is purely a cosmetic effect, but it points directly to something crucial in BMW’s: a rear-wheel drive that feels unique and offers responsive feedback.
  1. Of course, there’s also the logo. It harkens back to the blue and white of the Bavarian flag. This represents the region from which BMW rose and still draws much of its distinct and efficient design influences.

When looking at a 2016 BMW for sale orĀ BMW lease specials, take in these unique design elements. These are just a few of the ways a BMW lets you know it’s a BMW: in performance, feel, and look. Our BMW lease specials are a great way to get to know the feeling of this iconic brand, whether for the first time or all over again.

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