3 BMW Service Plans to Keep You on the Road

December 08, 2016

BMW Service Plans | Braman BMW Jupiter

BMWs are made beautifully, and they’re engineered to last. Yet you’ll want a service plan no matter how reliable the car. That’s just common sense. BMW service plans offer a range of ways to make sure your Bimmer is always cared for and serviced throughout its life. We focus on quality, response, and ensuring your BMW retains its value.

We aim to give you the same peace of mind a BMW gives you.

BMW Service Inclusive

BMW Service Inclusive is a plan that can last up to 10 years. It covers maintenance work, and, with Inclusive Plus, wear and tear repairs as well. It comes at a fixed rate and covers you worldwide – take your car on vacation! Anywhere there’s a BMW service center, you’re covered.

One of the best parts of this plan is that if you ever sell your BMW, the BMW Service Inclusive plan stays with the car. The new owner gets to enjoy the plan along with the car, helping you recoup maximum value.

BMW Warranty Extension

Initial warranties are some of the best plans out there. As service plans go, why wouldn’t you want to extend them? The BMW Warranty Extension Service Package allows you to extend your coverage. Usually, a warranty lasts two years. With the BMW Warranty Extension, it can last up to five years.

As with the BMW Service Inclusive plan, the Warranty Extension can be transferred between owners, helping to retain greater value in a sale.

BMW Value Service

Value Service is one of the more customizable BMW service plans. Each plan is bespoke to your own unique needs and desires, allowing you to pick and choose from service benefits and prices.

Whichever of these BMW service plans you choose, your South Florida BMW service center can make sure you’re well taken care of. Anything you need is handled with the same swiftness and response you’d expect from BMW itself.

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