2016 BMW 528i Review

July 28, 2017

Review of BMW 2016 528i

Review & Specs of the 2016 BMW 528i

There’s a mistaken belief among the younger generation that any “family” vehicle that you get, be it a crossover a van or a sedan, has to be unattractive and lacking in power. The BMW corporation, however, has proven that not only can you purchase a sedan that looks gorgeous, you can also purchase one with more than enough power for the average driver.

The 2016 BMW 528i is the perfect balance between a luxury vehicle and a family car. It has all of the high quality materials that you want to find in a higher end model while maintaining a price point that is more affordable compared to many other luxury cars. Before you look for BMW 528i lease offers, however, it’s a good idea to learn a bit more about this luxury sedan.

The View From the Outside
Let’s start with how the outside of the sedan looks. One reason why many search for a used BMW for sale is that the style of the BMW is, and always has been, high class. This 5 series sedan is perfection on the outside, starting with the sleek lines. The hood gently slopes up to the top of the car with an inconspicuous front grille and a gently sloping, yet shorter, rear. When you see this vehicle the first thing you may imagine is a celebrity relaxing in its sumptuous seats, and that makes sense. It’s the right size to allow you to drive five people to their destination comfortably and in serious style.

The View From the Inside
Inside of the vehicle, you’ll find the same high standards of quality and luxury that you find on the exterior. The word for the interior of the 2016 BMW 528i is “refined”. The understated design looks simple but the effect is maximized thanks to the use of industry-leading materials. The interior is reminiscent of most of the BMW line but the 528i certainly has its own sense of style.

The 14 way power-adjustable seats come standard in all of the 5 series, and every driver will easily find the right fit. The front seats are heated and ventilated; that may be standard in many vehicles, but what about the rear passengers? This model offers heated rear seats, so everyone rides in ultimate comfort. The height of the rear seats are, as well, designed to be roomy enough for even tall adult passengers.

The dual-zone automatic climate control and push button start are two pieces of technology that every driver can enjoy, but it’s the classic BMW iDrive that tends to make tech lovers happy. This system is simple to use, and the 10.2” central display is large enough to view easily when you’re driving.

The iDrive also recognizes both numbers and letters that are written with your fingertip, making it easier than ever before to control the program. The interior of the vehicle also features a 16 speaker Bang & Olufsen surround-sound system, along with a dual-screen entertainment system in the rear of the car, which is just the beginning of the amenities that makes this the ideal family vehicle.

Driving and Power
The 2016 BMW 528i is unique among sedans in that it offers a number of features that any driver will enjoy, starting with the driver-selectable vehicle settings. The 528i has standard 17” wheels, automatic and adaptive xenon headlights, a rearview camera, and power trunk lid that all come standard.

What you likely are concerned with, however, is the performance. The power behind the 2016 BMW 528i is a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. This robust engine packs 240 horsepower and is also able to bust out 260 pound-feet of torque. Have you ever seen a traditional sedan that’s able to hit 60 mph in only 6.4 seconds? The 2016 BMW 528i can thanks to the lightweight design and the high quality engine. Does anyone still think “family” cars are dull?

If you judge the 2016 BMW 528i on simply how it drives, you would likely find yourself rushing to find BMW 528i lease offers; there’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel of a BMW sedan. The engine takes the vehicle to well above its weight class and it has better fuel economy than a number of other sedans on the market that are comparable. The ride quality is smooth and luxurious. The 528i is the ideal luxury option for your daily drive as you’ll never feel “trapped” inside of your vehicle.


The Verdict
When it comes down to it, you can never go wrong when you opt to drive a BMW. Power, performance, and luxury are top reasons why so many look for a used BMW for sale when they’re contemplating a new vehicle. But the 2016 BMW 528i stands apart from other models on the crowded sedan market. From the amazing safety features and the gorgeous aesthetics to the smooth, powerful ride, it appeals to serious drivers – who are also serious about comfort and practicality. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll see why it’s one of the most popular sedans on the market today.

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