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5 Head Turning BMW Design Aspects

New BMW for Sale | Braman BMW Jupiter

BMWs are hard to miss when you see them gliding over the roadways. But it isn’t because you’ve noticed the BMW logo on the front or back. It’s because you’ve noticed a fantastic car that begs to be looked at. However, there are some specific features that BMWs have which ensures that they stand out, even if in subtle ways. The next time you’re looking for a new BMW for sale, or just checking on BMW lease specials, take a look at these design features that really make BMWs pop.


The Kidney Grille. First displayed in 1933 on the BMW 303, this grille design has become a staple of BMW design. Rounded radiator grilles spliced into two sections make up the iconic look that is still seen on BMWs today.

Front Faced. Many luxury cars have a specific look that makes them easy to identify. BMW has this with their front face, featuring engaging aesthetics that opens with the kidney grille and then expands to the double-round twin headlights. It’s a real head-turner.

Crease Line. The next time you’re looking at a new BMW for sale, take a step back to gaze at this sweeping line that slices from front to back. In addition to creating additional depth, the crease line adds to the illusion of forward movement even when standing still.

Hofmeister Kink. Look at the rear passenger windows near the roof pillar of the BMW models you’re considering. See the sharp arching curve? That is the Hofmeister kink, first introduced in 1961 and named after head of body design William Hofmeister. It has appeared in almost every BMW since.

L-Shaped Rear Lights. The last thing you’ll see as BMW slides past you (or the last thing drivers see as you power past them in your BMW), these glowing L-shaped lights feature LED technology for a truly bright result and a shape that is unmistakable.
These elements come together to create BMWs that are always memorable and easy to spot on the road. Now the matter of the day is – which BMW is right for you? With BMW lease specials, you can drive away in the distinctive automobile of your dreams.

Mapping out BMW Professional Navigation

New BMW for Sale | Braman BMW Jupiter

Technology has advanced exponentially over the years. BMW is constantly seeking out new ways to improve their vehicles in order to provide top quality assistance to each and every driver. A new BMW for sale can provide you with this amazing technology. So what can you expect with Navigation System Professional?

Fully-integrated to provide you with an exceptional driving experience, the system is designed to help get you where you need to go – and then some. Every menu is presented in a 3D design as well as in real time. Want photo-realistic depictions of places of interest along the way? You can have that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in BMW lease deals or if you’re planning on buying a BMW outright. BMW is committed to every driver being able to experience the best in navigation. Unclear road layout? Make it easier to see. Don’t want to turn down your music? Don’t worry – it will automatically lower the volume when navigation announcements are made.

A new BMW for sale is ready to show you all the delights that this system has to offer. Check out some of the BMW lease deals in order to drive off with industry-leading technology at your fingertips. Discover the benefits of the split screen, functional heads-up display, multifunctional instruments display, and much more with this amazing system. You can even speak to someone for assistance via the BMW ConnectedDrive services with the BMW Teleservices ready to go. It’s an excellent design that also provides you with peace of mind.
Easy to control – just one hand is needed – and with so many possibilities to provide, don’t be surprised if you find yourself toying with the Navigation System Professional for hours on end before you even set out for your next trip!

BMW College Incentive Program | Braman

College Students Can Get a $1000 Incentive on New BMW For Sale in Jupiter, FL

You’ve graduated college. You’re ready to take on the world. But one of the tough parts of being a graduate is that you need a good job – and to get to that job, you need a good car. You can’t have one without the other. And after all that hard work you’ve done, you deserve an extra hand to help you get a top quality car that will last you for many years to come. Any new BMW for sale in Jupiter, FL will do exactly that. From the 2015 BMW 2 Series to the X Series, there’s something for every taste.

BMW College Incentive Program | Braman

Braman makes the deal even sweeter by helping recent college graduates with their incentive program. This offer is exclusive to recent graduates or those who are about to graduate. The Braman College Graduate Program entitles you to a new BMW for sale in Jupiter, FL with a $1,000 incentive, as well as the best available rates when you lease or finance a new BMW. Still on the fence? That’s okay, because if you’re hoping to buy a BMW, but are more interested in the savings a certified pre-owned vehicle can provide, you can still get a $750 incentive.

In order to qualify for this program, you must have earned an Associate’s, graduate, or undergraduate degree from an accredited university or college within 12 months prior. Getting close to walking across the stage to get your diploma? You may still qualify for these incentives if you are eligible to graduate within the next 4 months and have a verifiable offer of employment. The other requirement is that you have 24 months of credit history with no major derogatory entries. That’s it!

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of one of the best luxury vehicles in the world – and save a little extra while doing it!