Woman in China Purchased a BMW 7 Series with Small Notes

May 01, 2015

BMW 7 Series

Sometimes when you want a BMW, you’ve just got to have a BMW. In the case of one woman in China, she really wanted to own one – though her method of payment wasn’t exactly conventional.

Most of us in the United States will pay for a car in various ways, from leases to loans using credit, checks, and the occasional bit of cash. Though when cash comes into play with a vehicle, the bills are large in order to make paying easier for everyone. That and it’s a large purchase – larger bills make sense.

But in China, a businesswoman went a slightly different route. She purchased a BMW 730Li, a part of the BMW 7 Series for sale, from a Zhengzhou dealership. The car itself costs around RMB 1,000,000, which equates to about $161,000. Like many people, she paid for a large portion of the car right then and there, around 100,000 of it. However, the story becomes interesting because she paid for the BMW in small notes.

Because all that money needs to be exact, the dealership had to use 20 of its employees to go through every bill and carefully count, bundle, and continue to count until everything was finished. This took all of them around 6 hours to do. The image of the money laid out is astonishing as the bundles stretched across the floor and weighed about 100kg total. Once the counting was finished, Ms. Li, the woman purchasing the BMW, paid for the remainder of the car with a credit card. The next challenge? The dealership taking all those notes to the bank.

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