Try a BMW 320i this Holiday Season

November 28, 2014

There has never been a better time to try a luxury car than during the holiday season, when the best deals are to be had. If you are choosing a new car this season, there are some particular reasons to come in and test drive a 2014 BMW 320i.

As far as luxury cars go, the 320i is a very big deal. It offers outstanding luxury value for the price, and allows you to experiment with a car that is not only a luxury model, but an electric vehicle at that. For those who are interested in lower emissions and an ethically conscious ride without sacrificing the luxury you have come to expect from BMW, then the 320i is the best choice. With a full backseat (unlike other EV cars), beautifully crafted interior and access to the best of entertainment technology, what more could you want?

Power, of course. That’s what the average customer who has any experience with an EV wants to know about. How much power does it have? With 180 horsepower, this vehicle is anything but typical. One full charge is good for around 80 miles, but extenders are always available if you need more range. And, of course, BMW customers are welcome to come and plug in at our BMW dealerships for free.

As if those deals couldn’t get any better, if you choose to lease a 2014 BMW 320i during BMW’s Happier Holiday Event at Braman BMW Jupiter this season, you can test drive the vehicle at your home or office for your own convenience. You can also expect to reap the additional benefit of paying $0 on maintenance within the first four years or 50,000 miles. There has never been a better time to try a luxury car!

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