Packages that Take Your New BMW X5 to the Next Level

December 01, 2016

New BMW X5 | Braman BMW Jupiter

The new BMW X5 is a beautiful, hard-hitting entry in the German automaker’s excellent line of crossovers. It’s a bold combination of sports car and SUV, giving you the capability of a performance vehicle with the family comforts and space of a larger ride. How can you get the most out of a BMW crossover for sale? Here are some ideas:


xDrive is BMW’s all-wheel drive system. Power distribution typically tilts 40-percent for the front axles, 60-percent for the rear. But on the new BMW X5, xDrive does more than just this. When road, surface, and weather conditions change, xDrive senses which tires are gaining the most traction. Then it will adjust accordingly, delivering more power to the wheels that have more traction.

This all happens in real-time, faster than a human can feel and respond. What this means is that more control will be maintained for the driver. The X5 already boasts excellent control, but even the best-responding car still needs tools that give it extra ability on bad roads and in rough weather.

The xDrive system will cut down on potential road- and weather-related issues like side-slippage, the rear floating out, and fishtailing, giving you even more capability than you’d have in other vehicles.

Rear wheel

In the new BMW X5 sDrive 35i, power is transmitted to the two rear wheels. This is what the “sDrive” part of the name indicates. Although xDrive is superior for stability and control, some drivers will still prefer BMW’s classic rear-wheel drive. It will just feel more natural for some folks. This works well in a crossover and remains a popular choice.


iPerformance is BMW’s name for electric drive technology. It gives you the ability to cover moderate distances electrically without engaging the gas engine. This is one of the newest features available in the X5. On its own, local trips can be made without consuming gas. Combined with the gas engine, it can cut down on gas costs and emissions over a longer trip.

If you’re looking for a BMW crossover for sale, visit Braman. We’ll show you what the X5 has to offer and – better yet – let you discover it for yourself.

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