New 2016 BMW X5 Review Test Drive in Jupiter, Florida

February 10, 2016
BMW X5 Special Offer | Braman BMW Jupiter

BMW dealers across the country are excited about the 2016 BM X5, but only one of them can be considered at the top of their game. Braman in Jupiter, Florida is the best place to get your newest BMW car. So take some time to check out the newest X5.

BMW X5 Special Offer | Braman BMW Jupiter

BMW’s take on an SUV isn’t just about muscle and power – it’s also about giving you additional space, room to carry gear, necessities, and much more. Friends and family can hop in and enjoy the smooth ride as you road-trip your way from beach to beach. But there’s also something that’s just pure fun when it comes to owning an SUV – and a 2016 BMW X5 is a gorgeous sport utility vehicle that’s bound to catch anyone’s eye.

Filled to the brim with horsepower and the turbo 6 engine, it gets you from 0-60 in a mere 7 seconds. You can opt for the M sport package if you want, for an enhanced ride all around. While it’s built to be a high quality, luxury car, BMW dealers can tell you that the brand doesn’t sacrifice safety. Whether you’re a gentleman looking to speed down the road for a good time or a mom with kids to take to school, you’ll be safe and sound each and every mile thanks to strategically placed airbags and superior design.

The 2016 BMW X5 is solid all around, a great vehicle for anyone. It’s the best of both worlds; from family vehicle to masculine SUV to sexy ride. To test it out yourself, head over to Braman BMW dealers and speak with the experts there. They can fill you in on any questions you may have, show you all the ways the X5 can benefit you, and, of course, let you take a test drive so you can discover for yourself what makes the X5 so amazing.

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