Eyes on YOU in the BMW M2 Coupe

June 10, 2016

BMW Dealer | Braman BMW Jupiter

Even if you’ve had an eye on a completely different luxury car, the moment you pause and take a peek at the BMW M2 Coupe, there’s a good chance you may have a change of heart. After all, given the sweet style, bold colors, and cabin you could live in, there’s plenty to fall in love with when it comes to the M2.

Haven’t seen a BMW M2? Take a day to pop into your Braman BMW dealer and ask about one. They’ll be more than happy to show you what the BMW M2 Coupe is all about, how fantastically it drives (rear-wheel drive with precision performance), what you’ll find under the hood (a M Twin-Power Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine), and the kind of interior it boasts (smooth leather and intuitive controls). A test drive will definitely be in order and a good BMW dealer will be pleased to hand you the keys so you can discover for yourself just how magical the M2 really is.

And while BMW has enlisted the assistance of supermodel Gigi to showcase the stylish design and power of the BMW M2 Coupe, what they really want to see is you at the wheel. So you can start out by keeping your eyes on Gigi in BMW’s sneaky shell-game video (don’t forget to try the 360 version!), but in the end they really hope to have their eyes on you as you settle into a brand new M2 Coupe. They look forward to having more M2s on the road and people thoroughly enjoying driving them.

Summer is coming; you want a new luxury car. The M2 is waiting. Ready for all eyes on you? We thought so!

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