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BMW Put Memorial Day Weekend in Motion at Bimmerfest

BMW Lease Deals | Braman BMW

What’s on your Memorial Day menu? Maybe some grilled dogs, burgers, and a few cold ones. For those looking for a little more heat, Bimmerfest is the ultimate destination. BMW fans from all over the country gather to commemorate the unofficial beginning of summer and to do what they love best – look at, talk about, and best of all, experience the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Bimmerfest is the biggest BMW car show in the US. This year – the event’s 17th annual – was held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. Did we say “speedway”? We certainly did. The venue offered an oval  course and a road course for “hot laps.” The cars weren’t competing – but when you’re flying around a racetrack in a BMW? The thrill is beyond description.

Bimmerfest also featured the Bimmer Challenge race from Speed Ventures and an autocross course. For those who wanted a slower pace – or a break from the action – the Battle of the Bimmers car show, the Heritage Corral and Centennial Corral, and the BMW Fan Zone. This last offered a showcase of the brand’s most iconic vehicles, including a 2001 BMW M3. For those who love the history and tradition of their Bimmers, this was a must-see.

The event has proven so popular that planners added an extra day this year. Over 10,000 came to talk shop with other BMW fans – and to hit the courses for some action you cannot get on the streets (not legally anyway!) If you spot a favorite model, head to Braman BMW to test drive the beauty for yourself.

Missed it? Bimmerfest East will be held in Englishtown, NJ on July 30 – 31. Check out to get in on the aciton. In the meantime, learn about BMW lease deals so you can drive your own Bimmer to the fun.

BMW X5 Special Offer | Braman BMW Jupiter

Find Great BMW X Series SUV Lease Deals on at Braman BMW Jupiter

Are you ready for a deal? How about several deals? How about deals on the BMW X Series? Braman BMW Jupiter has these deals, and they’re definitely worth a long look – both online and in person. With so much to choose from, it can be an exciting way to spend your day. Especially if you’ve been hoping to drive home a 2015 BMW X5. Unless, of course, you spot something better.

BMW X5 Special Offer | Braman BMW Jupiter

The BMW X Series SUV lease deals at Braman are always exciting. They provide you with a nice long term – 36 months – after which you can decide where to go from there. Keep the car? Lease something brand new? You can always consider your options once the term is up. But for now, it’s time to take a look at all the different choices in the X Series lineup.

Perhaps you have indeed been hoping for a 2015 BMW X5. How about the X5 sDrive35i for only $2,359 down and then just $649 per month after that? Or maybe you’d like the X5 xDrive35i at only $3,500 down and $589 per month. There’s always the X5 xDrive50i that you could take home for only $4,500 down and then just $899 per month. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe you’re not looking for the 2015 BMW X5. Maybe you want something simpler, such as the X1 xDrive28i. Not a bad choice when you can drive it home for less than $3,000 down and then only pay $589 per month. Or maybe you want the best of the best when it comes to the BMW X Series lease deals. You want the crème de la crème. The BMW X6 xDrive50i. You can take it home after only $4,500 down and then only pay $949 per month.

Spend some time checking out all the offers on the Braman BMW Jupiter website. Use their online chat to have your questions answered, and then head to the dealership and let them know just which X Series car you want to drive home that day.

The new BMW i8 at the Braman BMW dealership in Jupiter, FL

Come Visit Our Braman BMW Dealerships in South Florida

Braman is committed to bringing only the best to its customers, which is why Braman’s BMW dealerships in South Florida are so highly regarded. And that regard comes not just from satisfied car buyers, but also from the companies themselves. Whether you’re on the hunt for a BMW 750 for sale or looking for something used, Braman’s courtesy, selection, assistance, and much more all work together to create the perfect environment for you to shop in.

From a hot drink to plenty of test drives, Braman offers you only the best when it comes to BMW dealerships in South Florida. They go above and beyond to help you find the right car. Their job is to make sure you drive away, completely happy and 100 percent satisfied. They’ll ask questions in order to find out what you are interested in. Did you come looking for a BMW 750 for sale, or did you want something else? Are you interested in leasing or buying? Do you want a brand new BMW to enjoy, or are you happy with a certified pre-owned vehicle?

Your needs and personality come together in order to help you choose the perfect car. Braman is ready to make that choice even easier. Once you finally make your decision, you can come back for professional car services, knowing that your car will be in the best hands for care. There’s also Club Braman, an exclusive group that allows you access to sporting events, fashion shows, new car reveals, and much more – all for simply being a customer.

Braman BMW dealerships in South Florida are one of a kind. Having dealt in luxury cars for many years, they know what people love and how to care for the cars they offer. Visit Braman and you’ll quickly find out why so many people shop there every year.

Find deals at Braman's BMW Dealerships in Florida

One of the Top BMW Dealerships in Florida – Braman BMW Jupiter

Searching for the best of the best when it comes to BMW dealerships in Florida? Then it’s important to hunt for one that doesn’t focus just on selling you a car. You want a dealership that puts effort back into the community. That invites you back for events and ways to learn to truly utilize your new BMW car to its maximum potential. One that offers excellent service and technicians who are exceptionally skilled at working with all things BMW. You want the whole package – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, Braman BMW is happy that you’ve got high standards. And you should. You want a new BMW car, priced at the right points, without dealing with pushy salesmen. You want to enjoy the process, to find the right car for you, and not to be hassled in the process. Braman lives up to those expectations and more. At Braman BMW, you are in charge. After all, you are the one doing the buying – Braman is doing the selling. Why push cars upon you when you’re already there ready to make a purchase? It’s up to you to choose what you want, which features you desire, the color, and more. Other BMW dealerships in Florida may try to entice you with the bigger better deal. Braman representatives will ask you what you are interested in, what features you might enjoy, and will provide you with vehicles that fit your criteria, not theirs.

Braman consistently wins awards for their excellent customer service and high standards. It is no surprise that Braman is one of the top BMW dealerships in Florida. Recognized by the car companies themselves, Braman humbly tips its hat to the customers that help make it what it is, and they give back through great deals, service, and Club Braman.

So if you want a new BMW car – it’s time to see how Braman can help.

2015 BMW M4 for sale at Braman BMW in Jupiter, Florida

There is Nothing Like BMW Luxury Cars in Jupiter, Florida

After years of driving around in factory-made cars, you’re ready for something different. You’re ready for a car that has been hand-crafted. That has been developed by a company that understands cars inside and out. A car that is beautiful in every way, with each detail painstakingly worked on until the result is a flawless piece of machinery that will last for years and years to come. BMW luxury cars have caught your eye – and now you might be considering heading out to BMW dealerships to get yourself a little something special.

This isn’t a surprise. BMW luxury cars have been around for decades, and every time they prove themselves over and over when it comes to power, comfort, and simply being excellent cars. People who own BMWs love them for their exceptional quality, great performance, and their amazing looks. BMW is unlike anything else out there. They aren’t afraid to experiment, and listened when consumers requested an SUV added to the BMW lineup. Yet at the same time, they don’t rush. BMW will take years to bring a concept to life, carefully refining it inside and out until they have exactly the right design, engine build, and feel it is ready to be revealed to the world. And when they do reveal a car, they do it proudly.

There really is nothing quite like BMW luxury cars. BMW dealerships work hard to make their customers happy with every vehicle that comes their way, and they even take a lot of time working with pre-owned vehicles, only offering them if they fit within their standards to be resold. You simply cannot go wrong with a BMW – no matter which model you choose.

So are you in the mood for something sporty? Do you want a relaxed BMW sedan? Or do you want an SUV with tons of power lurking beneath the hood? With so much to choose from, take your time and find the perfect BMW for you.

Braman Under Construction Sales Event in Jupiter, Florida

BMW Dealerships in South Florida Can’t Compare to Braman

Shopping around for cars tends to put stress on people. This can increase when you decide that you want to look for BMW lease deals. You need the right BMW dealerships in South Florida to do business with, but which ones? Not only do you deserve to have a good experience, but that should be a simple requirement of a high quality BMW dealership. You’re there to make a purchase – you shouldn’t have to wrestle with anyone in order to get what you want.

That’s what makes Braman BMW dealerships in South Florida better than the rest. There’s a clear reason why they constantly win awards and praise each and every year. Speak to anyone who has purchased or gotten BMW lease deals from Braman, and you’ll quickly realize that they’re not just any dealership. Braman goes above and beyond in every way in order to make sure that your experience is satisfying. Even if you don’t make a decision right away, they are there to answer your questions, make you feel comfortable, and ensure that the BMW buying process is as smooth as possible.

You can peruse the website before even visiting the dealership in order to check out all the BMW lease deals they have that month. Which BMW are you interested in? There is something for everyone, and Braman has many, many cars for you to choose from. You can even chat with someone online if you like, or call them directly to get more information.

Once you make a purchase, Braman continues to surpass other BMW dealerships in South Florida by offering Club Braman, an exclusive entrance into sporting events, fashion shows, charity events, and much more. Those who are with Braman are a part of the community and everyone can get together to give back or simply enjoy life.

Give Braman BMW a try. You’ll quickly see what makes them such a great dealership.

Braman BMW Dealers in South Florida (and Why to Buy at Braman)

You probably remember buying a car in the past. You felt uncertain. Perhaps pressured. Unsure if you were spending the right amount for the sort of car you were investing in. But you shouldn’t have to feel that way, and the Braman BMW dealers in South Florida know this. Not only are they aware of it, but they go out of their way to make sure your experience at their dealership is full of nothing but the best.

The Braman BMW dealership in Jupiter has been in the business of working with luxury BMW cars for many years. They’ve focused on customers – not for the sale, but to make connections. To create a positive environment that people will return to again and again. Braman doesn’t want you to just buy a car and drive away. They want you to join them at exciting sporting events, fashion shows, new car reveals, and much more by creating Club Braman. They offer servicing for the vehicles they offer so you know you’re getting the right parts and excellent service individuals who understand BMWs inside and out.

High quality BMW dealers in South Florida should know that BMW leasing is an important part of providing what people are looking for. Indeed, you can find all sorts of fantastic deals for various vehicles, giving you the chance to discover the perfect car and use Braman’s BMW leasing specials to your advantage. Representatives are eager to help as well as provide any and all knowledge about the BMW you are curious about. From test drives to peeking under the hood, you’ll feel wholly at ease while looking for the perfect BMW for you.

Have questions? You can visit the Braman website and join them in an online chat. Or call them directly. Braman is more than happy to answer. Why drive away in a BMW from anywhere else?

Looking for a BMW Dealer in Jupiter? Look for Braman

You’ve decided that now is the time to put a BMW in your driveway. An excellent choice, especially if you’ve been on the lookout for BMW lease specials. The right one can be like icing on a cake – a great low price and payment option, all while giving you a gorgeous new BMW to drive. So which BMW dealer in Jupiter should you visit?

If you haven’t yet taken a long look at Braman, you should. Braman BMW has been in the business for a long time, and they take their work very seriously. Their goal is to make customers comfortable. To go above and beyond in order to provide you with what you’re looking for. Test drive a few. Ask some questions. Take a look at all the details. Ask about BMW lease specials. You’ll get nothing but honest answers and all the time in the world to make your decision.

Even better, the Braman BMW dealer in Jupiter isn’t just a seller of luxury cars. They also provide you with the opportunity to join Club Braman, which allows you access to all sorts of unique events – including driving your BMW with a professional driver, so you can really find out what your car can do! Charity, sporting, and other events occur throughout the year. You never know what fun occasion will come up next.

You can also go straight to Braman for your BMW servicing in order to ensure it’s always in top shape. Their technicians are well-versed in BMW models, so you never have to worry about a thing. Braman provides for their customers unlike any other. With all they have to offer, they’re the ideal choice when you start your search for a brand new BMW.

Put your trust in the Braman BMW dealer in Jupiter. You’ll be more than glad you did.

Braman BMW in Jupiter is Not Just a Luxury Car Dealership

Braman BMW is always ready to embrace new customers. New customers mean more community spirit. More people to enjoy the things that Braman has to offer. This is because Braman BMW isn’t just about selling BMW cars. They’re far more than just a luxury car dealership. They’re ready to help the community around them, participate in sporting events, and host all sorts of exciting events that can allow customers special access and a great time as well.

Braman BMW dealerships are ready to provide you with multiple things. First, of course, is prime customer service. They will go above and beyond to get you just what you’re looking for, as well as answer all your questions and help you feel at ease as you shop for the right car. Next, you’ll find that your experience with Braman doesn’t end there. You can also join Club Braman in order to hear about fun and thrilling events that are taking place in the area. From polo matches to new car reveals, charity events to a chance to learn how to drive like the pros, there is bound to be something for everyone. These events allow Braman to be fully involved with the community, rather than just a luxury car dealership that sits on the sidelines. It’s not Braman’s style to kick back – their staff is always involved with something new, and you might find that joining Club Braman is the best thing you’ve ever done.

Likewise, Braman is always prepared to help should something start to seem off-key with your BMW. While other BMW dealerships sell the car and then send you elsewhere for help, Braman provides you with service technicians that are fully versed in the world of BMW, providing you with peace of mind – and, of course, the right part to do the job.

Braman does it all – so why settle for something less?

Braman is Your Luxury BMW Dealership in South Florida

The idea of buying a car is both exciting and nerve-wracking. On one hand, you’re excited to finally get the pair of keys in your hand that you’ve always wanted. To finally drive a luxury BMW down the road and fully sink yourself into its beautiful interior and smart design. To admire its profile in your driveway and to play with all of the innovative and intuitive tech that BMW incorporates into their cars. On the other hand, it means you have to visit a BMW dealership – and how do you know where to go? Who is the best?

In all your searches, you may have seen the name Braman BMW. This is a name that you should pay attention to. Braman BMW isn’t any regular BMW dealer. They work with luxury BMW vehicles on a daily basis, as well as a wide range of clientele with the goal of providing people with not just the car they’ve always wanted, but with an excellent deal and the kind of customer service people always dream about when it comes to car shopping. You never feel pressured; you can relax with a drink and ask the Braman representative all the questions you want.

Check out the online inventory of luxury BMW cars first before visiting their location. Ask questions using their online chat, or call them directly and schedule a test drive. From leasing options to certified pre-owned BMWs, there are plenty of choices to help suit your lifestyle. Braman will get it right the first time, so you’re left with a positive experience and feeling like a part of the Braman community – because you are! You can join up with Club Braman for even more exciting events, from sporting to fashion. There are so many reasons to work with Braman as your BMW dealer. It won’t take long to realize that they are simply the best at what they do.