BMW M5 vs Ford Mustang GT500

May 18, 2015


Drag racing can be fun – when done in a safe and careful manner. In the case of BMW and Ford, they’ve paired up the F10 M5 and Mustang GT500. So when two cars go head to head – who wins? Is it who you might expect? Or does the end result surprise you?

In the case of the BMW F10 M5 and Ford Mustang GT500, the BMW M5 is tuned up in order to produce 700 hp instead of its standard 560, with an additional AFE intake, AFE scoops, and AMS catless downpipes. This makes the BMW slightly heavier, but it also gives it a lot more power. The Mustang GT500 has 550 hp, but it’s lighter on its tires than the BMW. So when put to the test, who’s the faster?

The BMW M5 leaves the Mustang in the dust. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise given BMW’s smart designs and the upgrades the M5 was given. Mustangs are supposed to be fast and strong, but these days Ford doesn’t seem to be as on the ball as many other luxury car creators, BMW included. Whatever the real case may be, BMW is out and ahead, looking stunning as always and leaving competition far, far behind.

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