BMW M2 CS To Be Limited Run Car

April 19, 2019
BMW M2 CS | Limited Run Car | Braman BMW Jupiter, Florida

The BMW M2 CS is one of the biggest open secrets in automotive manufacturing right now. The M2 CS should make its appearance in March 2020. Perhaps the biggest news about it is that it’s expected to be a limited run car.

How Many Will We See?

The extremely sporty take on the M2 should see production for a year before it’s concluded. What that will mean for the actual numbers that will be produced is anyone’s guess. BMW could simply cap the number of BMW M2 CS produced…or they could simply see how many they can produce in a year and call that the number.

What Can We Expect?

The M2 Competition serves as a good baseline to predict the power of the M2 CS. The S55 in the M2 Competition delivers 405 horsepower. That’s already a beefy amount, but we should expect the M2 CS to see that number tweaked upward.

The real difference should be seen most in the handling: you should expect a tuned suspension, steering rack, even more able brakes, and a few aero improvements.

A Unique Place in History

To understand the nature of BMW’s special edition models and why the M2 CS is a limited run car, one has to look to BMW’s future. The next generation is on its way. Luxury auto makers will lean further into electric and hybrid cars – BMW is no exception.

The BMW M2 CS and special editions like it may hallmark a rare moment in history. These could be the highest points of the last generation before electrics come to dominate the market. That makes the M2 CS even more iconic and important – a true demonstration of this generation’s exquisite power and supple handling.

An Icon for Enthusiasts

The next generation will bring with it incredible new ways of thinking about cars. The BMW M2 CS can forever etch a powerful presence for everything this generation achieved, a landmark in automotive history and a special edition to top all others.

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