2016 BMW M Series: 10 Things to Know about the M2

August 26, 2016

2016 BMW M Series | Braman BMW Jupiter

Feel you don’t know enough about the BMW M2 yet? Check out 10 must-know facts about our new flagship:

  1. BMW’s M1 was a supercar produced from 1978 to 1981.The iconic brand decided to call upon this superb history and and name its indirect successor in the 2016 BMW M series the M2.
  1. The M2’s world debuted at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
  1. Most BMW six-cylinder engines use a new modular design named the B58. The M2 makes use of the solid and proven direct-injection N55. BMW can take the best aspects of the N55 and integrate them with the M2 engine.
  1. BMW didn’t consider super-tuning the four-cylinder 2.0 engine. From the get-go, they wanted a beefier six-cylinder.
  1. The 2016 BMW M series is too important to forget our time on the Nurburgring. We clocked the M2 at 7 minutes, 58 seconds on the famous race track. Blistering speed, superb handling.
  1. Control is unsurpassed. Features like the SMG, a seven-speed twin-clutch, or the 6-speed manual gearbox, enhances driveability.
  1. Want to live-stream your driving? Want to analyze your speed, time, gear, and throttle? There’s an app that uses your smartphone to give you all this on your central screen so you can let your inner racecar driver loose.
  1. Two M2s are being used as pace cars at Laguna Seca, performing exceptionally even with only standard brakes and tires.
  1. Aftermarket part sets are already out, allowing enthusiasts to tinker to their heart’s content. Aero parts, adjustable suspensions, new steering wheels… Make the M2 your own.
  2. Where can you get one? They are hot, and selling fast. If you want to experience the M2, contact your South Florida BMW Dealer. We’ll make sure you get the test drive of a lifetime.
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