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2019 BMW M2 Competition Official Reveal Includes 405 HP

The BMW M Series has made its name on aggressive performance cars with superbly responsive handling. And when they make an M2 version and name it Competition, it improves on these traits to create a powerful car gifted with extreme precision.

A More Powerful Engine

It’s hard to pass up a BMW M2 for sale; the M2 Competition makes it impossible with an S55 twin-turbo I6, the engine the M3 and M4 use. It delivers 405 hp with 406 lb-ft of torque and sprints from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat.

The seven-speed dual clutch is silky smooth as ever, with a feeling for anticipating your moves just before you make them. This helps improve the road feel, removing delay so that the car responds with you. There’s a six-speed manual option if you prefer directly managing your transitions yourself.

Engineering Upgrades

Now, you can’t upgrade the power this much without accommodating for it in the chassis. The M2 is starting to look and feel like the powerful M3 and M4. Rigidity is improved with a carbon fiber strut brace, and the front axles are stronger in order to handle the increase in power.

There are also more powerful M Sport brakes, 19-inch wheels new to the M2, and a limited-slip differential that automatically manages power at the rear axle to improve driver control.

An M2 That’s All Grown Up

The M2 is taking on a number of traits and tools from its gutsy siblings – both the power and the increased ability to command that power safely. The M2 looks even more beautiful and streamlined inside than it once did. We’re truly seeing the BMW M Series continue to grow and take on new responsibilities and capabilities.

It’s refreshing that BMW isn’t just standing pat on an already successful formula. Some automakers are content to rest on their laurels, trading off their name with static designs. Instead, BMW continues to progress and evolve, delivering strong, agile cars that better empower drivers in a faster world. A BMW M2 for sale like the Competition is an opportunity you need to seize.

BMW M2 and BMW M4 GTS are Car of the Year Contenders

BMW M2 for Sale | Braman BMW Jupiter

So many amazing cars have debuted this year, but BMW has certainly been at the head of the pack. In fact, BMW has more than one vehicle in the running for Car of the Year.

The first is the BMW M2 for sale at your local BMW dealership. The M2 was a stunning addition to the BMW lineup and has earned high praise for its technology, comfort, and impeccable style. It’s been compared to other supercars such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. That’s certainly some tough competition, but the M2 is more than up for the challenge.

The second contender is the BMW M4 GTS. The M4 GTS received rave reviews from many critics, making it a stronger competitor than the M2. EVO Magazine, for example, had the opportunity to put the cars in contention through their paces. Many of its judges simply loved the performance that the BMW M4 GTS brought to the table. Nimble and stylish, the M4 aims to please, and many drivers are happy to say that it does indeed deliver on that score.

So will the M2 be the coveted Car of the Year or will that honor go to the M4? We’re not telling, but suffice to say that any BMW car eligible to be considered as such is certainly worth looking into. And both the M2 and M4 are sure to provide the perfect balance between exhilaration and practicality.

The next time you find yourself in the market for a great vehicle, consider the BMW M2 for sale or perhaps the M4 GTS. A quick test drive will quickly show you why these are some of BMW’s top cars – and why they’re neck and neck to win Car of the Year.

2016 BMW M Series: 10 Things to Know about the M2

2016 BMW M Series | Braman BMW Jupiter

Feel you don’t know enough about the BMW M2 yet? Check out 10 must-know facts about our new flagship:

  1. BMW’s M1 was a supercar produced from 1978 to 1981.The iconic brand decided to call upon this superb history and and name its indirect successor in the 2016 BMW M series the M2.
  1. The M2’s world debuted at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
  1. Most BMW six-cylinder engines use a new modular design named the B58. The M2 makes use of the solid and proven direct-injection N55. BMW can take the best aspects of the N55 and integrate them with the M2 engine.
  1. BMW didn’t consider super-tuning the four-cylinder 2.0 engine. From the get-go, they wanted a beefier six-cylinder.
  1. The 2016 BMW M series is too important to forget our time on the Nurburgring. We clocked the M2 at 7 minutes, 58 seconds on the famous race track. Blistering speed, superb handling.
  1. Control is unsurpassed. Features like the SMG, a seven-speed twin-clutch, or the 6-speed manual gearbox, enhances driveability.
  1. Want to live-stream your driving? Want to analyze your speed, time, gear, and throttle? There’s an app that uses your smartphone to give you all this on your central screen so you can let your inner racecar driver loose.
  1. Two M2s are being used as pace cars at Laguna Seca, performing exceptionally even with only standard brakes and tires.
  1. Aftermarket part sets are already out, allowing enthusiasts to tinker to their heart’s content. Aero parts, adjustable suspensions, new steering wheels… Make the M2 your own.
  2. Where can you get one? They are hot, and selling fast. If you want to experience the M2, contact your South Florida BMW Dealer. We’ll make sure you get the test drive of a lifetime.

Eyes on YOU in the BMW M2 Coupe

BMW Dealer | Braman BMW Jupiter

Even if you’ve had an eye on a completely different luxury car, the moment you pause and take a peek at the BMW M2 Coupe, there’s a good chance you may have a change of heart. After all, given the sweet style, bold colors, and cabin you could live in, there’s plenty to fall in love with when it comes to the M2.

Haven’t seen a BMW M2? Take a day to pop into your Braman BMW dealer and ask about one. They’ll be more than happy to show you what the BMW M2 Coupe is all about, how fantastically it drives (rear-wheel drive with precision performance), what you’ll find under the hood (a M Twin-Power Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine), and the kind of interior it boasts (smooth leather and intuitive controls). A test drive will definitely be in order and a good BMW dealer will be pleased to hand you the keys so you can discover for yourself just how magical the M2 really is.

And while BMW has enlisted the assistance of supermodel Gigi to showcase the stylish design and power of the BMW M2 Coupe, what they really want to see is you at the wheel. So you can start out by keeping your eyes on Gigi in BMW’s sneaky shell-game video (don’t forget to try the 360 version!), but in the end they really hope to have their eyes on you as you settle into a brand new M2 Coupe. They look forward to having more M2s on the road and people thoroughly enjoying driving them.

Summer is coming; you want a new luxury car. The M2 is waiting. Ready for all eyes on you? We thought so!